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Insilico Medicine In Drug Development Agreement With Juvenescence AI

Insilico Medicine In Drug Development Agreement With Juvenescence AI August 17, 2017 9:30 am

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Juvenescence has announced the launch of a joint venture with Insilico Medicine. This venture will focus on developing new compounds from Insilico Medicine and building artificial intelligence-driven tools for clinical development. The partnership looks to create commercially attractive drugs for Juvenescence while validating Insilico’s artificial intelligence approach with drug discovery. At the same time, Juvenescence made an investment into Insilico, but the amount has not been disclosed.

“We are very pleased to partner with Alex Zhavoronkov and his team at Insilico Medicine. Artificial intelligence is set to increase efficiencies in many sectors, something sorely needed in drug development as evidenced by the prolonged decline in the sector’s productivity. Insilico Medicine’s approach has massive potential to reduce the cost associated with the discovery of new drugs,” said Juvenescence’s Chairman, Jim Mellon.

He added, “We are excited by the potential for AI to streamline the longest and most costly portions of the drug development cycle: clinical trials. With Insilico Medicine’s help, we hope Juvenescence AI will both develop therapeutics that treat the diseases that plague all of us as we age and eventually treat the ageing process itself.”

Juvenescence Limited Information

Juvenescence Limited is an investment company that focuses on therapies to increase human longevity, as well as investments in similar sectors. The company was founded in 2017 by Greg Bailey, Anthony Chow, Declan Doogan, Jim Melton, and Alexander Pickett. The team members are experienced entrepreneurs and investors with focus on commercial drug development sectors and life science. The company invests and creates ventures in established and startup longevity companies, while also providing operation support and strategic advice.

Juvenescence AI Limited Information

Juvenescence AI Limited is an artificial intelligence and drug development company that focuses on age-related diseases and aging as a whole.

Juvenescence Limited

The company combines development expertise with artificial intelligence to develop and prioritize compounds from Insilico Medicine’s automated drug discovery pipeline to proof of concept.

Insilico Medicine Limited Information

Insilico Medicine, Inc. is an artificial intelligence company that is located at the Emerging Technology Centers at Johns Hopkins University Eastern campus, with research and development in the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Russia, which are sourced through competitions and hackathons. The company uses advances in big data analysis, genomics, and deep learning for drug discovery and drug repurposing for aging and age-related disease. Insilico is currently pursuing internal drug discovery programs in sarcopenia, diabetes, ALS, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and cancer.

Dr. Declan Doogan, the former Senior Vice President and Head of Worldwide Development at Pfizer, current Chairman of Biohaven Pharmaceuticals (NYSE:BHVN), and co-founder of Juvenescence said, “The application of AI techniques to drug discovery has enormous potential and could dramatically alter the way that we discover new drugs and define existing diseases. AI could decrease the cost and increase the speed with which we can bring new medicines to patients.”

The joint venture hopes to combine their passions and strengths to bring new prospects that are presented by artificial-intelligence assisted drug development. The team thinks that these advances can provide new avenues for success commercially, clinically, and regulatorily.

Founder of Disruptor Daily. Serial Entrepreneur. Passionate about all-things disruption.