Honda Partners with Chinese Startup SenseTime to develop Self driving Car Technology using AI & Deep Learning

  • 7 December 2017
  • Jermaine Wright

Honda R&D Co., Ltd., the R&D subsidiary of Honda Motor Co., Ltd today announced a partnership with SenseTime to develop self driving car technology for its autonomous cars of the future.

The deal is a five-year joint research and development (R&D) project that will see SenseTime’s AI and deep learning moving object recognition technologies combined with Honda’s automotive focused-AI algorithms for scene understanding, risk prediction and action planning to develop highly-sophisticated self driving car technology that will enable self-driving cars to operate safely in urban areas.

Areas of Honda-SenseTime joint research and development:

  • AI algorithms to be applied to automated driving systems

– Scene understanding: Estimating the driving environment and the behaviors and intentions of pedestrians and vehicles

– Risk prediction: Predicting the future position of pedestrians and vehicles based on the results of estimating the driving environment and the intentions of pedestrians and vehicles

– Action planning: Deciding on the actions taken by the vehicle such as stopping, starting and avoiding, and then generating driving trajectory based on the results of risk prediction

  • Large-scale computing technologies necessary to learn AI algorithms
  • Technologies to package AI programs with on-board controllers

The partnership will not be limited to automated driving, as the two companies plan to expand the joint activities into the area of robotics.

SenseTime, a Chinese startup valued at over $1 billion, is highly regarded on globally for its object recognition technology which is powered by deep learning technology, one of the most advanced AI technologies.

Honda is planning to introduce cars with level 4 automation by 2020.

The Japanese auto giant is striving to continue serving people worldwide with the “joy of expanding their life's potential” by creating a number of innovations in the future.

Earlier this year, the multinational automotive giant unveiled R&D Center X, a new innovation lab in Tokyo that comprises a section that focuses AI, robotics, and energy.

They have released some interesting concepts this year from the Urban EV concept car (aimed for production in 2019) to the NeuV mini electric concept car (with emotional intelligence) to a riding assistant for motorbikes.

SenseTime raised a massive $410 million funding round just this past summer and is widely tipped to land another $227 million in investment from Chinese e-commerce giants Alibaba before the end of this year.

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