Handyman Apps: 10 Startups To Watch In 2017

  • 31 August 2017
  • Jodi Hillman

Getting a handyman to help out around the home has never been easier. Handyman apps connect handymen with customers who can then set up and arrange services. Most have reviews from other users so customers know what to expect. The following are 10 handyman startup apps to know in 2017.

1. Handy

Handybook has raised over $30 million in funding to expand to new markets. The app connects customers with professionals who complete a variety of tasks around their home. This includes everything from electrical work to plumbing. The company operates in 28 cities across the United States and grows about 10% a week according to their co-founder. The app aims to provide you with a handyman within three hours of using the app.

2. Elluminati

Elluminati is a platform that allows any entrepreneur to create their own on-demand handyman service. They have four different plans, ranging from starter to insane. Each one comes with more features and with a higher price. The app has an easy to use interface where the customer chooses what type of job they need to have done. Each handyman has their price listed so the customer knows what to expect.

3. Serviz

Serviz offers professional services in large cities across the United States. Some of these services include appliance repair, air duct cleaning, electrical work, pest control, painting, and other general handyman work. Prices are shown before the service is booked. The company is transparent with their markup, saying they “only mark up materials 20-30%.”

4. Plumbal

Plumbal is a platform designed for entrepreneurs who want to start a business for on-demand plumbers. Once the software is in use, customers can find plumbers in their area and send out a request. Multiple plumbers will see the request and the customer will be able to choose the one that works best for the job. The customer and plumber can communicate directly, which helps cut down on costs. The app makes it simple to book a service, dispatch a plumber, and scan credit cards. 

 5. Swiffix

Swiffix is an app where users can get help with pretty much anything that needs to be done in the home. Some of the professionals that can be booked include an electrician, repairman, handyman, or plumber all through your smartphone. Swiffix has partnered with Uber, so Swiffix has similar standards as a company that Uber does. Each professional who works for Swiffix is handpicked, licensed, and insured with years of experience.

6. Locked Out

Locked Out is a locksmith app that is available when you lock yourself out of your car or home. It is simple to log in and they charge a flat rate of $75 per call. The locksmith is licensed and can be tracked through GPS.



7. KeyMe

KeyMe is available 24 hours a day in cities all across the U.S. It works by saving a digital copy of the key on the app. If or when the key is lost, the copy can be ordered and picked up at a local kiosk or sent through the mail. This also works well if keys need to be sent to a friend or family member who lives far away. The app secures the information by using a fingerprint in order to access the kiosk.

8. Honk

Honk has people that can handle a flat tire, dead battery, a lockout, or if you need a tow. They work by removing the overhead that traditional tow companies would charge and pass those savings on to customers. The professionals who provide the service are called Partners, and Honk says they pay them a fair price as well. There are no membership fees and customers only pay for the services you use, which makes them different from traditional motor clubs.

9. Homee on Demand

Homee is an on-demand app that provides access to plumbers, HVAC, electricians, and handyman. Each person has had a thorough background check before they are cleared by Homee. The company provides both residential and commercial services. Once requested, the professional will be at the home or office in about 30 minutes to render the service. The price of the job is timed by a timer that you control. It is priced by the minute so there aren’t any extra fees.

10. Takl

Takl offers local people to help you finish your to-do list around the house. All Takl providers have gone through a background check and completed orientation. Every chore is pre-priced so customers know what to expect – there are no unwanted charges. The app is currently located in 17 metro areas in the United States. Takl Providers cover handyman work, yard work, and housekeeping.


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