Give Good the Advantage: Alphabet Taking on Cybersecurity with Chronicle

  • 26 January 2018
  • Sam Mire

In the past, I’ve lamented the scourge of cyber-attacks that, while unpredictable, seem never-ending. Google’s parent company Alphabet seems serious about taking on threats to our data, identities, and other sensitive information, as their announcement of their cyber-security unit suggests.

The deal is ostensibly aimed at Fortune 500 companies, but the news that Alphabet is investing big-time in cyber security would seemingly only mean positive things for non-corporate techies, too. Chronicle will represent its own company under the Alphabet umbrella, alongside counterparts with established name recognition; Google, Nest, Waymo, etc.

Upon the announcement, Chronicle already had a functional URL, and the site is as sleek as you might expect a newly-launched platform from the Silicon Valley giant to be. Like so many of Alphabet’s technologies, Chronicle will utilize machine learning and cloud computing to create a “cybersecurity intelligence and analytics platform.” They even came up with a catchy tagline that drapes their homepage: ‘Give Good the Advantage’. Why not, right?

Many of the details about how Chronicle will work, or how it will be an improvement upon other predictive security products and services that use your data to locate potential threats remain to be seen. But having been spawned out of Alphabet’s research and development arm X (formerly GoogleX) with its inception in February 2016, Chronicle is now in the testing stages with several fortune 500 companies.

CEO of Chronicle Stephen Gillett says that Google’s immense resources and technological development tools essentially guarantee a greater product than the competition. Gillett is the former COO of security software company Symantec and eventually moved on to the Google Ventures arm of Alphabet. After a number of high-profile, widespread security breaches, especially of late, Gillett has issued re-assurances that we can only hope Chronicle will help prove true.

None of us have to settle for cybercrime being a fact of life, or for a reactive, expensive existence of cleanup and damage control. We're looking forward to working with many organizations in the coming years to give good the advantage again, he wrote in a blog post.

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