GE & NVIDIA Join forces to Improve Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence

  • 26 November 2017
  • Jermaine Wright

General Electric (GE) Healthcare and NVIDIA today announced they will collaborate to accelerate the speed at which healthcare data can be processed. This will bring the most sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) to GE Healthcare’s 500,000 imaging devices globally.

NVIDIA, which has helped pioneer the spread of artificial intelligence across a growing range of fields, including self-driving cars, robotics, and video analytics, is working with GE Healthcare to spread its application in the healthcare sector.

The scope of the partnership was detailed today at the 103rd annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

It includes the new NVIDIA-powered Revolution Frontier CT, the development of GE Healthcare’s Applied Intelligence analytics platform and advancements to the Vivid E95 4D Ultrasound.

Due to its use of NVIDIA’s AI computing platform, the newest CT system in the Revolution Family is twice as fast in imaging processing compared to its predecessor.

Due to its speed, the FDA cleared Revolution Frontier is expected to deliver better clinical outcomes in liver lesion detection and kidney lesion characterization.

This potentially reduces the need for unnecessary follow-ups, which will benefit patients with compromised renal function. It will also reduce non-interpretable scans with Gemstone Spectral Imaging Metal Artefact Reduction (GSI MAR).

From real-time medical condition assessment to point-of-care interventions to predictive analytics for clinical decision-making, GPU-accelerated deep learning solutions can be used to design more sophisticated neural networks for healthcare and medical applications.

GE Healthcare is the $18 billion healthcare arm of GE. A leading provider of medical imaging equipment for over 100 years in the industry, GE Healthcare has more than 50,000 employees across 100 countries.

NVIDIA is renowned for sparking the growth of the PC gaming market with its invention of the GPU.

It has revolutionized parallel computing and redefined modern computer graphics. More recently, GPU deep learning has ignited modern artificial intelligence, which is considered the next era of computing.

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