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What Is The Future Of Blockchain In Marketing? 7 Experts Share Their Insights

  • 23 June 2019
  • Sam Mire

While marketers haven’t seen many viable blockchain-powered concepts arise yet, they remain optimistic that the technology will impact ad sales and distribution.

Insiders see metrics becoming more specific, with ad space appraised accordingly. Blockchain may create consenting ad viewers, compensating in various ways for their participation. This sort of willing ad consumer will allow for more customized marketing campaigns.

The end goal is more sales, of course. If blockchain is able to show the direct impact of marketing campaigns on sales, the industry may never be the same. The digital age has such scrambled advertising metrics that a viable solution has to come around eventually.

From a consumer perspective, blockchain could mark the end of the generalized campaign. No longer would non-parents have to sit through an ad for Hasbro’s latest doodad, nor would males have to watch plugs for female beauty products. Blockchain platforms may allow users to give details about their interests in a non-invasive way that is still valuable to marketers.

These are two of the more pressing applications of blockchain for marketers and their target customers. With time and investment, blockchain-powered projects should begin to populate the marketing space.

1. Ella Cullen, CMO of Minespider

Ella Cullen“As marketers, blockchain offers us a plethora of new ways in which to connect with consumers more directly and reward them for actively engaging with our products and/or services.

For instance, Brave Browser is planning to adopt a ‘pay-to-surf’ business model in the future, which would reward the user directly for viewing ads as they surf the web. No more middlemen syphoning off profits and user data, with no benefit to the end user.

I’m thrilled by the prospect of giving power back to the users – rewarding them for their active engagement, while also preserving their data privacy.”

2. Stephen Duplessie, Co-founder of Pangea Blockchain Fund

Stephen Duplessie“As blockchain technology grows and institutionalization of the market occurs, campaigns will become more professional and employ fewer guerrilla marketing tactics. This is the nature of a developing market, and an example manifestation would be the pricing of SEO keywords or domains related to blockchain technology.”

3. Nathan Chandra, Co-founder and CSO of Buttrfly

Nathan Chandra“The blockchain will be used to solve critical inefficiencies within the influencer marketing campaign process. Currently, brands spend a significant portion of their budget on manual campaign tasks, such as contracting, post verification, and payment settlement. Blockchain smart contracts will be used to automate this process and create the ability to scale influencer marketing.”

4. Steve McGarry, Co-founder of AC3

Steve McGarryGiven the massive lift we saw in user retention and engagement after integrating blockchain tech, I strongly believe other operating businesses within marketing will also apply the technology in the coming years.”


5. Ian Kane COO and Co-founder of TERNIO

Ian Kane“In two years time, it will be irresponsible for any marketer not to buy blockchain verified ad inventory. It may take some time for the initial pilots to get underway so marketers can learn, but once they see the value all ad budgets will shift to only blockchain verified inventory.”

6. Amy Fox, Product Director at Blis

Amy Fox“Over the next few years, GDPR will have a huge impact on marketing technology, as well as ownership and transparency around data source and quality. Blockchain offers an opportunity to ensure complete trust and visibility of all data to all users, which is particularly exciting. Within five years, the marketing industry will likely transition to using blockchain as a standard transaction ledger across a large swath of the ecosystem.”

7. Carol Lin Vieira, VP Corporate Marketing & Communications at BX3 Capital

Carol Lin Vieira“Marketing via blockchain technologies will become incredibly personalized, and at the same time, consumer privacy will also increase. Rather than a pool of data for companies to mine like they do now, marketers will be able to reach their audiences with only those messages and offers that will appeal specifically to them.”

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