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What Is The Future Of Blockchain In Advertising? 9 Experts Share Their Insights

  • 28 June 2019
  • Sam Mire

Think about the future of industry — any industry. There are a few questions to consider.

Are that industry’s trends going to line up with what’s best for the consumer? What is economically logical?

Or will  the whims of the most powerful movers and shakers set the rules for everyone?

If advertising is to follow what’s best for brands and consumers, blockchain will inevitably see further adoption. Experts agree that it will bring brands and customers closer together, delivering greater value to both. There will be fewer middlemen, faulty metrics, and scams polluting the marketplace.

But this is only possibility, not certainty.

We must also consider what Google, Facebook, and other advertising gatekeepers want. They will inevitably shape the future of digital ad sales. Other factors might delay or accelerate the adoption of blockchain in advertising.

Time will tell, but experts remain optimistic that this technology could fundamentally define the future of advertising.

1. Chris Richmond, CEO and Co-founder of Proper Media

Chris Richmond“My hope is blockchain will be used to give more transparency, help publishers optimize their stack and remove unnecessary middle men, reduce fraud and if possible make it easier to summarize and breakdown the large amount of data into digestible reports which could help publishers focus their efforts on delivering the content that makes the most revenue.”

2. Ian Kane, COO and Co-founder of Ternio

Ian Kane“Mass adoption. In two years, it will be irresponsible for any brand or ad agency not to be buying blockchain verified ad inventory. However, it’s a crawl, walk, run approach and the advertising industry just got in the crawl stage. Mass adoption will happen quickly once the digital advertising ecosystem sees how it can make their business – better, faster, more efficient.”

3. Jon Gillham, CEO of AdBank

Jon Gillham“Disruption. The current system is clearly broken and the incentives for those in control are not aligned to fix the problems. Blockchain solutions will initially find edge case adoptions and slowly will be pushed more into the mainstream as advertisers demand the transparency or are forced due to a better solution gaining market share.”

4. Brandon Gains, VP of Marketing at Monetize More

Brandon Gains“In my opinion, it’s too early for blockchain in general. It’s missing it’s ‘killer app’ for advertising and the same can be said for many other industries. There are some real needs in this industry that blockchain can solve, but there needs to be a real concerted effort to take these ideas and turn them into industry solutions.”

5. Amy Fox, Product Director at Blis 

Amy Fox“Blockchain will be a gamechanger for the entire industry. It enables the the end-to-end processes of booking, buying, and placing digital ad space to be recorded and stored. Because all these transactions would be available to the public and verified by common consensus, blockchain will help bring about greater transparency and end ad fraud. Within five years, the ad industry will transition into using blockchain as a transaction leger (some are doing this already). And within a decade, we’ll likely see it become a new industry standard.”

6. Andrew Kolodyuk, Founder and Chairman of DIVAN.TV 2.0

Andrew Kolodyuk“The future blockchain in advertising is a transparent ecosystem where brands are able to earn more revenue than on traditional platforms, therefore losing less to intermediaries.”


7. Jeff Koyen, Founder of Pressland

Jeff Koyen“In many industries, blockchain will eventually operate in the background, unseen and unnoticed. We’ll forget that we once worried about the network’s performance, or its security, or its scalability. The entire world won’t run on blockchain. Just as it’s still possible (for now) to watch TV using old-fashioned rabbit ears, old technology doesn’t just roll over. In digital marketing, blockchain will carve out its own spaces where it outperforms today’s systems.”

8. Ted Sahlstrom, CMO and Co-founder of

Ted Sahlström“Advertisers and publishers are raising their voices for transparency and efficiency, and will continue to push for this change. But based on the development rate these last years and the current revenue models of the controlling advertising companies, it will take at least an estimated 5-10 years before we see it used as a global standard.”

9. Kyle Asman, Partner and Co-founder at BX3 Capital

Kyle Asman“I believe we will see blockchain technology used to leverage any data it collects to make ads more targeted. This will be huge for smaller companies that spend a fortune on ads, only to get nowhere.”

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