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Fast-rising Startup FuseLab Creative adds VR and AR to its Services List

  • 18 December 2017
  • Jermaine Wright

Fast growing UI/UX creative agency FuseLab Creative, is raising the bar even higher by offering Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR and AR) services to its clients.

With the new offering, the startup will provide clients with the options to intimately exhibit new products to potential customers across the world and to also create “real life” employee training modules.

FuseLab has already done notable VR and AR work in which they are hoping to build off of.

The Top UX Design Agency created an on-the-job-training system where employees are able to experience what it’s like to do construction at the top of skyscrapers and to be a doctor treating patients in a humanitarian danger zone.

The Virginia-based startup also had a successful AR debut for DC comics which was featured at Comic-con. In the AR experience, fans were able to interact with Wonder Woman.

The VR/AR industry is expected to value a whopping $120 billion within the next few years. Industry experts believe both technologies will soon be the main source of digital media consumption.

Therefore, having VR/AR as a service option is slowly becoming a requirement for any creative agency that wants to remain current.

VR headsets are becoming more readily available while offering an authentic Augmented Reality experience wrapped in a cost-effective application has the potential to transform the whole industry.

FuseLab Creative, founded just this year, is already one of the region's fastest-growing UI/UX creative agencies, outranking thousands of competitors on the prestigious industry website Behance.net.

Out of more than 5 million active members on the platform, FuseLab Creative has been voted in the Top 30 of the most appreciated companies in the USA for Web Design field.

FuseLab has designed 500+ custom design projects for various types of clients from different industries, including aerospace, government, e-commerce, healthcare and health IT, education, transportation, nonprofits.

The startup has clients on both coasts in the United States. Some of the startups biggest clients are Nike, BMW and Liberty Wireless.

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