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Flowers On Demand: 10 Startups to Watch in 2019

  • 29 March 2019
  • James Njau

Do you know that the entire global flower business is worth a whopping 60 billion US dollars? That's right! There’s a lot of money in this venture, and many companies are now coming up to try and get their deserved share of the pie. From Silicon Valley to Singapore, a crop of innovators and entrepreneurs are injecting new models of buying and selling flowers, introducing flower delivery services that are quick and convenient.

But which are these start-ups making a name in this industry? Which ones should you consider if you want to send your loved ones some flowers? We looked up ten start-ups that are disrupting the flower industry and thought it would be fun for you to check them:


Flower Chimp managed to become the largest online flower retailer in South East Asia since its inception in 2016. With presences in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Hong Kong the company led by German entrepreneurs Maximilian Lotz and Niklas Frassa offers same day delivery of fresh flowers and gifts such as hampers. Certainly, the boys from Flower Chimp are doing something right as they managed to attract US$1.5 million in funding from Asia Venture Group. According to the management, the funds would be allocated to supporting Flower Chimp’s operations across the region as well as accelerating its regional expansion.

Bloom ThatBloom That

With its headquarters in San Francisco, Bloom That started in 2013, thanks to the effort of its team, including Matthew Schwab (Co-Founder and President), Chad Powell and David Bladow. This disruptor company received more than five million US dollars in its Series A venture capital funding from five investors, which is quite impressive for a start-up. With a seed capital of $2,100,000, its mission of creating a massive movement from the simple act of sending flowers is slowly blossoming into reality. Bloom That claims to be making over 500 sales per day, which is no mean feat for a start-up of its kind. What's more is that it delivers customized flowers through a painless ordering process that can be easily done from its Smartphone app.

The Bouqs CoThe Bouqs Co

Since 2012 The Bouqs Co has intended to revive the romance and delight that comes with the act of giving and receiving flowers, and frankly, it’s doing an impressive job! Its two Co-founders, John Tabis and Juan Pablo Montufar have demonstrated a passion for disrupting the flower industry by introducing a genuinely emotional moment back into the noble act of giving. How does it do this? Well with its fast 2-hour free delivery, its client base is snowballing as it delivers fresh flowers through a waste reduction process that works.

Flowers for DreamsFlowers for Dreams

For the love of giving, founder Steven Dyme started with a small venture of selling flowers on college campuses during graduation. Although he got some pushback from university officials, he managed to negotiate a win-win arrangement whereby his Chicago based company donates some of its profit to the school scholarship programs. Well, it worked, and now Flowers for Dreams is not just about profit but also strive for philanthropy by donating a quarter of its profits to a charity organization in Chicago. It sources its flowers from American foreign growers and continues to grow its customer base to date.


Giving flowers on demand is a business model that many startups in the flower industry have tried and failed. But the case is not the same for UrbanStems. It boasts of a one-hour flower delivery service that guarantees peace of mind and convenience. It was founded in November 2015 by Chetan Shenoy (an avid marathon runner and a techy at heart) together with a team of designers and developers, including Scott Simpson, Ajay Kori, Jeff Sheely and Jereme Isao Holiman. UrbanStems has grown from a dream to a company with $1,500,000 as seed funding and a series A venture capital of $6,800,000. Its philosophy stands on the fact that it can reinvent the culture of sending flowers and thanks to its signature flower tote that adds a unique touch, not to mention its fresh and responsibly grown flowers, this start-up is aiming for the top position.


Nothing speaks of happiness more than a hand delivered flower. BloomNation understands this fact and takes it to a whole new level with a business model that helps local florists use e-commerce to make decent returns. With Farbod Shoraka as the CEO, Gregg Weisstein ( Co-founder and C00) and David Daneshgar,  the BloomNation team works to make it easier for florists looking to sell their flowers. Thanks to its searchable and comparable services, flower lovers can get fresh, speedy deliveries while florist can find the best deal for their products easily.

Farmgirl FlowersFarmgirl Flowers

In the beginning, Christina Stembel, CEO and founder of Farmgirl Flowers, was selling flowers from her tiny apartment with a focus on creating a new flower purchasing model. After identifying loopholes in the industry, she thought this was the right gap for her to fix. Eager to change and disrupt the flower market, she sought out to rebuild the industry since she noticed that existing flower companies sourced their flowers from outside the US, therefore, crippling local growers. At the moment Farmgirl Flowers is creating new jobs thanks to its 80% delivery of only American grown flowers.


No one can deny the fact that a gorgeously arranged flower bouquet on a table can quickly turn a rather dull house into a happy and bright home. This idea is precisely what drives the passion of BloomThis. With $200,000 in seed capital, this start-up goes the extra mile to deliver luxurious flowers to its clients, offering a subscription service that customers can use to get regular deliveries. What makes its product stand out is the well thought out bespoke flower boxes that are designed to fit the unique taste of every customer.


In today's world of gadgets and apps that do almost everything, it is not unlikely to find an app for every problem under the sun. InstaFlorist is by no means trying to buck the trend of complete digitalization. It’s a technology company that allows anyone on the globe to create a unique floral arrangement from its app and then later have that particular design delivered to their loved ones. How does it do this? Well firstly, its software platform uses a multi-patented vase grid technology that helps users arrange a bouquet design in seconds. With Carlo Matteucci and Elizabeth Matteucci as co-founders, not to mention a seed funding of $3000, it's pretty clear that InstaFlorist has a bright future in the lower industry.


Bloompop, an Arlington based start-up, is a B2B enterprise that focuses on delivering stunning flowers with vibrant colors that are fit for any cooperate occasion. With free nationwide delivery, it offers great value while at the same time showcasing the talent and unique designs of the best florists in the country. Its co-founders Shavanna Miller and Matt Scandalis guarantee that every design is backed by an original license contract with the company's partners allowing customers to enjoy template-free unique bouquets.

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