FitGenie Harnesses AI To Help People Diet

  • 7 September 2017
  • Shawn Farner

It’s not always easy to eat right. Just a quick search on the Internet for diets will leave you drowning in a sea of results, many of which contradict each other. Are fats good or bad? Should we be eating like cavemen? And is real life going to get in the way?

That last one is a real problem for many people looking to improve their diets. Though most want to make a change, eating right can take a backseat in a fast-paced world where individuals are juggling work, kids, and more. Fortunately, a new app has come along to make things easier.

FitGenie, available now for iOS, utilizes artificial intelligence to power what it calls a “smart calorie counter.”

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According to co-founder Keith Osayande, FitGenie’s magic is “based on a model we created that maps and forecasts the progress of an individual user and makes intelligent weekly adjustments based on the data we gather.”

There is a host of portable calorie counting apps available, but FitGenie’s aim is not to be more of the same. Instead, the app takes into account the amount to which a person has their diet, along with their body composition, eating habits, sleep patterns, and more. This data isn’t gathered for kicks: thanks to the use of machine learning and proprietary algorithms, FitGenie is able to look at every data point and figure out how they all correspond to one another.

For those who find dieting a challenge, as many do, the promise of what FitGenie is trying to do might sound pretty exciting. Imagine an app that not only fully understands that you’re going to cheat occasionally but can get an idea of when you’ll do it and how it can shift your future meals around to compensate.

In its current form, FitGenie can be best described as ‘still in progress.’ The team first got to work on the app’s concept in the autumn of 2015, and last year accepted a sum of $20,000 from Georgia Tech’s Create-X Startup Summer Program to build the idea out further. A new 3.0 update is planned to release in the next few months, which the team hopes will add a bit of finish to the app, along with improving the user experience.

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Still, FitGenie’s future looks bright. They’re currently situating themselves as a freemium solution — like many similar apps — while looking to eschew the ad-heavy interfaces of their competitors. And the use of AI is a notable difference. FitGenie isn’t simply counting and keeping track of calories: it learns about the user and adjusts itself when necessary.

So how can you get started using the app? It’s available for download from the iOS App Store now. Once you jump in, you’ll need to offer up your current weight, submit whatever you eat, and track your exercise sessions. This is pretty typical for a dieting app, but once you get rolling, you’ll soon see FitGenie’s AI kick in to customize your nutrition goals on a day-to-day basis.

What do you think of FitGenie’s approach to diet tracking? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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