First Secure Mobile-Wallet Provider to Add Ripple and Monero

  • 21 June 2018
  • Sam Mire

Edge, the platform that keeps user data private with cutting-edge security, has become the first secure mobile wallet provider to add Ripple (XRP) and Monero (XMR) capability.

This new feature is the culmination of an effort by Edge’s developers to put an enhanced focus on performance, optimization, and the little yet critical details that set Edge Wallet apart. Their latest release, v1.2.0, includes the addition of Ripple and Monero, but also in-app buy/sell with debit & credit cards, and advanced features such as private key sweeping.

Edge’s audience – and the crypto community at large – has been calling for wider adoption of Monero and Ripple by mainstream platforms. Edge CEO Paul Puey believes that they are simply the first in a succession of companies that will eventually add capability to store these increasingly popular cryptocurrencies.

We’ve listened closely to our community over the last few months and found a strong demand for these currencies on the Edge platform. Both communities are different but they face the same issue: how do we hold and use our currency? Edge is proud to announce that they can now find that option here, stated Paul Puey, CEO and co-founder of Edge.

The common thread between the coins includes the fact that both can now be stored in the Edge wallet, but their use cases are very different. While Ripple is a more efficient monetary vehicle for those seeking to use cryptos as legal tender, Monero’s RingCT allows for greater anonymity when conducting transactions. For this reason, they tend to attract different communities, but each customer base needed somewhere trustworthy in which to store their coin, and Edge has answered the call.

While solutions exist to gain price exposure and invest in these currencies, there are no options besides Edge that let users hold, send, receive, and trade these currencies from a secure wallet they control, with no custodian, alongside a dozen other crypto assets. This is all from the convenience of their mobile phone, Puey added.

Considering that both Monero and Ripple have become top-20 crypto assets by market capitalization, it seems likely that their adoption by other platforms will be only a matter of time. But, the reality that each has been historically difficult to store or exchange has stalled more rapid widespread adoption, until now. Edge, a company that has built its brand around providing top-flight security serves as a logical test case for rolling out a Monero and Ripple-capable wallet built for the mobile platform.

The latest update to the Edge Wallet will allow users to hold, send, and receive both Monero and Ripple coins, and also Quantum (QTUM). They’ve also added ease-of-use features, including Support for buying and selling Bitcoin using credit card worldwide via Simplex integration. Edge Wallet users will now also have the ability to sweep private keys for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Qtum, Feathercoin, and Zcoin. Restoring a deleted wallet and exporting transaction histories to CSV and Quickbooks (QBO) files are also features that the Edge team has added with their latest version of the Wallet.

But, there’s no doubt about which feature is most game-changing out of these upgrades. Those who have been seeking a safe outlet for their Monero and Ripple can now cease the search. The partnership between the emergent coins and a proven entity in the crypto space is the first of its kind.

“It’s always a pleasure for ShapeShift to partner with a team that is willing to take on a daunting task like Monero support. Paul and the Edge team are building boldly and creatively; forging ahead, and seeing the fruits of their endeavors.” stated Shapeshift CEO, Erik Voorhees

The Monero team echoed similar sentiments of excitement about the partnership.

“The MyMonero team is extremely pleased to watch the Monero ecosystem grow, and we couldn't be more excited that Edge has chosen our app library and server infrastructure to implement their Monero integration. We hope this integration serves as proof that adding deep and feature-full Monero support in short order is very possible.”

The latest version is available for download in the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, and as a direct download link from

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