Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have struggled at times from inability to change value freely between fiat currencies and crypto. One of the latest examples of this struggle is Bitfinex having their bank account with Wells Fargo frozen. Similar occurrences have happened previously (with the Mt. Gox exchange Dwolla account, for example.)

A new Estonian startup called Polybius Foundation, however, aims to be the first fully digital bank for businesses and individuals. They are going to specialize in financial services for cryptocurrency and blockchain startups.


What makes them unique?

Polybius Bank is going to register for an EU financial institution license so they can combine all the features of modern banking into a purely digital banking landscape. They will combine advances in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, and other financial technologies to provide a certain level of service to their shareholders and customers.


What types of services will they offer?

They will be offering financial services ranging from value transfer and credit financing to bank card issuance. What sets them apart from traditional banks is their capacity to carry out transactions in seconds as opposed to days and a stronger focus on user experience. Plus, they provide 20% of their annual earnings in dividends to their shareholders.


What does this mean for the cryptocurrency industry?

While bitcoin and other blockchain-based projects have shown their ability to eliminate the middleman in transaction, many still rely on the comfort of having middlemen present in case something goes wrong. Polybius Bank is filling that gap in the cryptocurrency space and doing so is likely to push the technology ever closer to mainstream acceptance.


What is their token worth?

For the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), the value of one Polybius Bank token is tethered at $10.00 each. As the project launches, the value of Polybius Bank tokens will fluctuate according to supply and demand like other cryptocurrencies.



While blockchain technology has demonstrated its ability to remove theIt is this need from similarity that generates the niche which Polybius Bank will fill in the cryptocurrency space. As a digital bank, they will have service offerings similar to traditional banks, however they also offer their tokens to interested parties. Shareholders receive their share of 20% of the bank’s annual profits at the end of each year.



Polybius Bank stands poised to further disrupt the banking industry by combining the advancements of modern FinTech solutions into a package that is more appealing to general consumers. Polybius Bank meets the criteria of efficiency and user experience focus to grow into a highly successful FinTech service provider while still providing customers with a more comfortable service feeling by giving them a middleman.