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Government Form Automation Platform SeamlessDocs Raises $7.5 Million in Series B

  • 15 March 2018
  • Sam Mire

SeamlessDocs, a company that is making it easier for state and local governments to go paperless while dotting I’s and crossing T’s from anywhere, has announced that their round of Series B financing has come to a close. The company raised $7.5 million this round, bringing their total funding to $18.5 million.

Since 2011, SeamlessDocs has been assisting government in its quest to move documentation to the cloud while simultaneously reducing the amount of physical paper it uses as it runs through documents at a rapid clip.

The round was led by SJF Ventures, Motorola Solutions, Entrepreneur Roundtable Accelerator, NY State Innovation Ventures, CapRock, and other private investors, and at least one of those investors has stated that they are drawn to SeamlessDocs’ government-tailored interface as well as their desire to create more efficiency in the public sector.

CEO and co-founder Jonathon Ende, along with co-founder Chachi Camejo, made it his mission when founding SeamlessDocs in 2011 to transform the traditional paper-flipping that went along with reading and signing massive stacks of documentation. Naturally, the sector most in need of such innovative transformation was government, where paperwork has become a necessity inherent to virtually every breath an employee takes.

Governments had unique needs and got stuck trying to repurpose other tools, Ende said. We've helped hundreds of state and local governments go digital, most recently through the first ever CRM built specifically for government, or as we coined it, the GRM.

By converting traditional PDFs into interactive, click-ready documents that are accessible on virtually any platform, SeamlessDocs has made the interaction necessary for government business to be done, well, seamless. They have stated that this round of funding will go toward hiring more staff, specifically engineers, salespeople, and customer service employees.

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