Episode 78: Un-Breaking Supply Chains Using Blockchain [Podcast]

  • 4 August 2019
  • Blockchain Disruption

Episode 78 - Un-Breaking Supply Chains Using Blockchain - Blockchain Disruption

Without supply chains, non-fisherman wouldn’t be able to enjoy fresh salmon. Techies would have to trek to the factory to get their hands on the latest iPhone model or VR headset. Even the internet represents a sort of micro supply chain that allows us to waste infinite amounts of time binging YouTube videos and refreshing our Twitter feeds.

Eric Piscini and his team at Citizens Reserve are well aware that supply chains keep the world spinning, but he’s also seen that most supply chains are broken. His solution: apply blockchain technology to supply chains, and watch inefficiencies and obstacles melt away. In this episode, Piscini makes supply chains more interesting than you could have imagined. Fast forward to the future of the global supply chain, brought to you by blockchain.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why “decentralized” is a key term in gauging blockchain’s impact on supply chains.
  • Why blockchain can be likened to game-changing companies in their early stages.
  •  How blockchain’s traceability will fundamentally change how we eat.

Resources mentioned:

Citizens Reserve:

Twitter: @SUKUecosystem

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