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Episode 76: The Past, Present, And Future Of Decentralized Exchanges [Podcast]

  • 21 July 2019
  • Blockchain Disruption

Episode 76 - The Past, Present, And Future Of Decentralized Exchanges - Quoc Le - Blockchain Disruption

Every cryptocurrency exchange and/or wallet claims to be one-of-a-kind. It’s fair to wonder why anyone should believe such claims.

What does QUANTA, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, offer that would make serious crypto investors pay attention? They’ve got the prerequisites of any functional exchange — liquidity, above average trade times, and a solid reputation. Beyond this, QUANTA users can point to the leadership of Quoc Le as reason to invest and trade using the QUANTA platform.

In our interview, Le explains the challenges he and his team has faced, successes that have allowed QUANTA to grow, and a greater vision for decentralized exchanges and blockchain technology more broadly.

Listen to hear more about not only QUANTA, but also the future of decentralized crypto trading.

About Quoc Le: Quoc Le has over 17 years’ experience in a variety of technological fields. He’s worked as a software engineer for IBM, served as Senior Software Engineer for PayPal, and currently is the Managing Director (as well as co-founder) of QUANTA, a real-time cryptocurrency trading exchange.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • What are the basics of a decentralized exchange, versus a traditional exchange.
  • What challenges threaten greater adoption of decentralized exchanges.
  • What the dotcom bubble could mean for blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Resources mentioned:

QUANTA: www.QuantaDex.com

Twitter: @quantadex

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