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Episode 61: The Future of Real Estate With Blockchain [Podcast]

  • 25 March 2019
  • Blockchain Disruption

Episode 61 - The Future of Real Estate With Blockchain - Blockchain Disruption Podcast

Real estate is broken. Inefficiency drives up costs for all parties and causes beautiful homes to languish on the market. Paperwork bogs down outdated administrative processes. Showing, buying, and selling properties is a headache.

ShelterZoom, led by co-founder and CEO Chao Cheng-Shorland, wants to resurrect the broken state of real estate. She doesn’t believe buyers and sellers should have to wait months or years from the time they list a home or begin searching for their dream house.

In the past, attempts at convenience have caused disaster. Online home sales are common, but are a prime source of data theft affecting both buyers and sellers.

ShelterZoom is leveraging blockchain technology to streamline and securitize real estate, from listing to sale. Chao’s approach puts the power back in the hands of the non-agent, giving buyers and sellers access to official records.

Gone will be the days of wondering ‘did the agent really submit my offer?’ Chao Cheng explains how blockchain will indelibly impact the way that homes and property are listed, shown, bought, and sold.

About Chao: Chao is the co-founder and CEO of ShelterZoom Corp., the first real estate technology company to have successfully delivered a blockchain-based real estate offer and acceptance platform to the mass market for both property purchases and property rentals.

ShelterZoom's innovative blockchain real estate platform has won the company two major global awards. The company is regarded as a market-leader in Blockchain technology.

Prior to ShelterZoom, Chao worked as an enterprise architect in Australia. She successfully led many complex and high value programs as a lead architect throughout my career working for large corporations. The US $40-billion joint venture project between ConocoPhillips and Origin Energy, and several major ERP transformation programs are among a list of Chao’s highlights as a lead architect.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How inefficiencies in the real estate market create great opportunity for innovation.
  • How blockchain technology provides transparency in home sales.
  • What success looks like for blockchain-powered real estate platforms.

Resources mentioned:

ShelterZoom: www.ShelterZoom.com

Twitter: @shelterzoom

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