Episode 59: How To Make Cryptocurrency A Part Of Your Investing Strategy [Podcast]

  • 11 March 2019
  • Blockchain Disruption

Episode 59 - How to Make Cryptocurrency A Part of Your Investing Strategy - Blockchain Disruption

If you’re looking to invest for your future, and you have cryptocurrency to spare, you’ll need someone who knows both digital currencies and IRAs. Someone like Chris Kline, Chief Operating Officer of Bitcoin IRA.

Kline details how the modern portfolio is more than just stocks and bonds. The IRS accepts cryptocurrencies as IRA investments, but they present their own challenges. Kline knows the hurdles of crypto IRA investment like the back of his hand, and he shares the ins and outs of securing your future in the digital age.

“It’s not your grandfather’s economy,” Kline says. He’s right, and investing in the likes of GE is no longer a sure-fire retirement plan. In the age of DIY investing, Kline’s  advice shouldn’t be ignored.

About Chris: A Denver, Colorado native, Chris Kline joined Fortress Gold Group as a partner and Director of Operations in 2012. He drove the operations strategy and execution that lead to the company becoming an Inc. 500 leading provider in gold and silver for IRAs. He teamed with Camilo Concha and Johannes Haze to co-found Bitcoin IRA. It’s a full-service, turnkey solution that allows investors to capitalize on the rapidly growing digital currency marketspace for their retirement portfolio while maintaining full IRS compliance.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How a cryptocurrency IRA differs from traditional IRAs.
  • How a new user can create, fund, and use a crypto IRA.
  • Why a mature approach to crypto investing is re-shaping the markets.

Resources mentioned:

Bitcoin IRA: www.BitcoinIRA.com

Twitter: @Bitcoin_IRA

Chris Kline: @senatorkline

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