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Episode 56: Saving the Environment With Crypto [Podcast]

  • 19 February 2019
  • Blockchain Disruption

Episode 56 - Saving the Environment with Crypto - Blockchain Disruption

Keyboard environmentalists talk a big game when it comes to saving the planet, but fail to back those words with action. Such is not the case for David Katz, a Canadian entrepreneur who’s blending blockchain technology with a noble environmental cause: reducing the amount of plastic waste suffocating marine ecosystems.

David knows first-hand how daunting the fight against marine debris is, and as the CEO of The Plastic Bank, he’s prepared to take on the cause. The idea is simple: allow impoverished populations the opportunity to make a decent living while cleaning up their local environment. By giving tangible value to plastic waste, The Plastic Bank incentivizes environmental cleanup. The more plastic waste one collects, the more money they make.

They’re making plastic the currency for the world, and using blockchain technology to power payments. A cleaner environment and fewer families living in poverty. What cause could be more worthwhile?

Listen to learn more about how The Plastic Bank is changing the way the world thinks about plastic.

About David Katz: David is the founder and CEO of The Plastic Bank, an internationally recognized solution to dispose of ocean plastic. The Plastic Bank is a global network of micro-recycling markets that empower the poor to rise above poverty by cleaning the environment. The Plastic Bank is an ecosystem that provides an opportunity for the world to collect and trade plastic waste as a currency.

David has been named one of the world’s most compassionate entrepreneurs by Salt magazine. He is the recipient of the United Nations Lighthouse award for Planetary Health, recipient of the Paris Climate Conference Sustainia community award, is the Past President of the Vancouver Chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), and named the Entrepreneur Organizations, Global Citizen.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How blockchain is helping facilitate a cleaner marine ecosystem.
  • What benefit consumers receive from purchasing goods made from The Plastic Banks’s recycled plastic.
  • How The Plastic Bank is creating the opportunity for “financial inclusion” across the world.

Resources mentioned:

Plastic Bank:

Twitter: @plasticbank

David Katz: @DavidKatzPB

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