Episode 50: Charley Moore, Rocket Lawyer’s Founder On The Future Of Blockchain And Legal Services [Podcast]

  • 30 January 2019
  • Blockchain Disruption

Episode 50: Charley Moore, Rocket Lawyer's Founder on the Future of Blockchain and Legal Services

The intersections of blockchain and legal services are increasing every day. More and more companies are realizing the potential applications of blockchain for legal services ranging from smart contracts to document management. Even major legal services providers are getting in on the game.

Charley Moore, is the CEO and founder of the disruptive online legal services company, Rocket Lawyer. They recently partnered with ConsenSys and OpenLaw to implement smart contracts into their services, making Rocket Lawyer the first to bring the Ethereum blockchain to the legal marketplace. In this interview we discuss why major legal services providers are developing blockchain applications, and how the technology is going to change the industry. If you’ve ever used online legal services, or missed out on a lawyer because there wasn’t enough in the budget, definitely give this episode a listen!

About Charley: Charley is the Founder and CEO of Rocket Lawyer Incorporated. His experience as an attorney representing startups exposed him to both the high cost and high value of great legal advice. So, he started Rocket Lawyer to deliver high value legal services at a price nearly everyone can afford. Today, Rocket Lawyer is one of the most widely used legal services in the world, with operations in the United States and the United Kingdom. He represented Yahoo! (IPO), WebTV Networks (acquired by Microsoft) and Cerent Corporation (acquired by Cisco Systems) at critical early stages and was the founder of Onstation Corporation (acquired by The Cobalt Group). Charley graduated from the United States Naval Academy (BS) and the University of California at Berkeley (Juris Doctorate). He served as a U.S. Naval officer and is a Gulf War veteran. Charley currently serves as Chairman of the board of directors of Rocket Lawyer and on the executive board of Tech for America (T4A).

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Rocket Lawyer:

Twitter: @RocketLawyer

Charley Moore: @charleymooreesq

Rocket Lawyer, ConsenSys, OpenLaw Partnership Announcement: Read More

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