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Episode 5: Why Investors Are So Excited About Blockchain [Podcast]

  • 25 October 2018
  • Blockchain Disruption

Blockchain Disruption Podcast - Episode 5 - Why Investors Are So Excited About Blockchain with Frank Holmes

Cryptocurrency mining serves as a critical infrastructure for blockchain systems. In Episode 3 we talked with Marco Streng, CEO of Genesis Mining about the importance of miners. In this episode, we talk with Frank Holmes from HIVE Blockchain Technologies about why investors are so excited about real opportunities to support blockchain infrastructure initiatives.

HIVE is a publicly traded blockchain company that owns and operates mining facilities in Iceland and Sweden. Their mines have been toured by the world’s top news outlets, and you can take a 360 VR tour of their Sweden facility here. Frank comes from the precious metals world, and is confident that blockchain technology is going to change the way we store, transfer, and create wealth. As the Executive Chairman for HIVE, he’s helping drive the conversation on why mining is so important for the future of the industry, how infrastructure will be the source of growth for the technology, and how to drive adoption with traditional investors. Frank is enthusiastic about the potential of blockchain technology, and as a sought out expert in the investing world, he’s helping drive traditional firms to pay more attention to bleeding edge tech.

If you've wondered about ways to invest in blockchain innovation that don't involve buying cryptocurrency, or if you’re interested in how capital markets are getting in on the game, give this episode a listen!

What you'll learn in this episode:

  • What publicly listed investment vehicles are launching for the blockchain sector.
  • How to invest in blockchain innovation outside of buying cryptocurrencies.
  • Why investors are so excited about blockchain technology and the benefits it brings to stock markets.

Resources mentioned: 

Frank Holmes  @bulldogholmes
HIVE  @HiveBlockchain
101 Guide: HIVE’s Blockchain 101 Guide for Investors
VR Video: 360 Degree VR Tour of HIVE’s cryptocurrency mine in Sweden

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