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Episode 48: How Blockchain Will Improve Reputation Management And Trust In eCommerce [Podcast]

  • 22 January 2019
  • Blockchain Disruption

EP.48 How Blockchain Will Improve Reputation Management and Trust in eCommerce - Gee-Hwan Chuang

When it comes to eCommerce, trust is everything. In the early days, people couldn't imagine purchasing goods and services online but now it's hard to remember a time before eCommerce. That being said, eCommerce is ripe for disruption as privacy and security are once again a concern due to recent hacks, along with persistent fraud and reputation gaming. In this interview, Gee-Hwan Chuang, founder of Listia and the Ink Protocol shares how blockchain can improve trust in eCommerce and reputation management!

About Gee-Hwan Chuang: Gee is the the co-founder and CEO of Listia and Ink Protocol. After working as an engineer in the tech industry and building a successful online marketing business, Gee founded Listia in 2009 as a result of his frustration with antiquated peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplaces. Since its launch, Listia has amassed 10 million members, and inspired Gee to create Ink Protocol, a decentralized reputation and payment system that can be used for any P2P transaction.

About Ink Protocol: Ink Protocol (“Ink”) was developed by Listia, a P2P marketplace for buying and selling used goods online. Launched in 2009, the marketplace now has over 10 million registered users who have exchanged 100 million items. The company has raised $11MM in venture capital from prominent investors.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How blockchain will improve trust in digital reputation management.
  • What the future of eCommerce on the blockchain looks like.
  • How you can leverage blockchain for your eCommerce business.

Resources mentioned:

Ink Protocol:

Twitter: @PayWithInk

Gee-Hwan Chuang: @geehwan

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