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Episode 47: Using Blockchain To Update Human Rights With IBM Collaborator Hu-manity.co [Podcast]

  • 21 January 2019
  • Blockchain Disruption

EP.47 Using Blockchain to Update Human Rights with IBM collaborator Hu-manity.co - Richie Etwaru

Privacy is on decline, but blockchain could be a solution to restore trust online. In this interview, Richie Etwaru shares how blockchain can benefit the human data marketplace. His company, Hu-manity.co creates legally-binding characteristics of propery ownership. Listen to hear more about how blockchain is shaping the future of personal data.

About Richie: Richie Etwaru is Founder & CEO of Hu-manity.co, a new app championing the idea of OWNING your own data.  He is happy to provide his insights of the way consumer/user data and general data privacy is used.

About Hu-manity.co:  Hu-manity.co, is a company championing the basic human right to privacy. Designed to empower individuals to claim and manage their data, this app will give people a digital title for data and enable users to choose how, where and if their data can be used by companies for research, marketing, and more.  They recently teamed up with IBM Blockchain Platform for the foundational technology to facilitate this, and it will allow millions of people to gain access to a permissioned blockchain-based data marketplace.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How blockchain can help give title rights to personal data.
  • How you can leverage blockchain to increase corporate trust.
  • What the future of personal data looks like on the blockchain.

Resources mentioned:

Hu-manity.co: www.Hu-Manity.co

Twitter: @hu_manityco

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