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Episode 43: How Blockchain Will Disrupt Logistics And Shipping [Podcast]

  • 7 January 2019
  • Blockchain Disruption

EP.43 How Blockchain Will Disrupt Logistics and Shipping - Sloane Brakeville

The logistics and shipping industry is ripe for disruption. With disparate software solutions that create data silos and other operational challenges for supply chain stakeholders, the industry is in need of a new operational layer that can help improve interoperability and usher in the benefits that IoT and other revolutionary technologies offer. Blockchain could be that operational layer, giving supply chain companies an opportunity to drastically improve efficiency and data veracity. In this interview, Sloane Brakeville shares the ways in which blockchain will bring change to the supply chain and what opportunities exist for early adopters.

About Sloane: Sloane Brakeville is the Co-Founder and CEO of Fr8. Previously, Sloane helped launch IBM’s blockchain business unit, and created proof-of-concept cases for Fortune 500 clients such as Bank of America & HSBC.

About Fr8 Network: Fr8 Network is a transformation agent in logistics and supply chains across multi verticals, revolutionizing a $700 billion industry. Its technology drives efficiencies in the area of the global supply chain. Its leadership team is one-of-a-kind. Chief Innovation Officer Jim Regenor is a former Under Secretary National Security Counsel for Bush and Obama administrations; Co-Founder Jon Fox is a 20-year logistics veteran and the founder of Lewisco Holdings.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How blockchain is disrupting the supply chain sector.
  • What entrepreneurs can use blockchain in logistics.
  • What the future holds for blockchain powered shipping.

Resources mentioned:

fr8 Network: www.fr8.Network

Twitter: @fr8network

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