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Episode 42: How To Manage Cryptocurrency Wallets And Keep Your Information Secure [Podcast]

  • 1 January 2019
  • Blockchain Disruption

EP.42 How to Manage Cryptocurrency Wallets and Keep Your Information Secure - Paul Puey

Managing cryptocurrency and other digital assets can be a daunting task for a lot of people, largely because of how new they are and how quickly these assets are evolving. It’s only been 10 years since the Bitcoin white paper was released, and in that short time, countless new currencies have launched, each with their own unique wallet options.

That’s why I wanted to bring back Paul Puey CEO and founder of the Edge Wallet. Paul is one of the most passionate blockchain thought leaders I've met. He has been a part of this movement since the early days, and he was responsible for creating one of the earliest and most popular Bitcoin mobile wallets.

Paul and I discuss wallet basics, why non-custodial solutions offer some of the safest ways to store your currency, how you can make better decisions when storing your crypto assets. If you’re intrigued by crypto and want to know the Do’s and Don’ts of asset storage, this is an interview you shouldn’t miss!

About Paul:  Paul is an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science graduate of UC Berkeley. He held lead engineering positions with Nvidia and Chromatic Research, but most recently owned and operated several non-technical small businesses throughout California. Today, Paul aims to bring Bitcoin mainstream with software and products aimed at simplifying Bitcoin and making it insanely easy to send and secure this revolutionary currency while maintaining the highest level of privacy.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why selecting the right storage solution is so important.
  • How to safely store your cryptocurrency.
  • What steps you should take to secure your data and private keys.

Resources mentioned:

Edge: www.Edge.App

Twitter: @EdgeWallet

Paul Puey:  @paullinator

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