Episode 40: How Blockchain Is Bringing Advertising Attribution To Mobile Apps [Podcast]

  • 28 December 2018
  • Blockchain Disruption

EP.40 How Blockchain is Bringing Advertising Attribution to Mobile Apps - Charles Manning

The advertising industry is plagued by fraud and harmful data practices. Fortunately, blockchain entrepreneurs are quickly working on solutions that will help reduce some of these abuses. Charles Manning is the CEO of Kochava & XCHNG. In this episode, Charles and I discuss the intersection of blockchain and advertising and how the technology can be used to prevent problematic practices in the industry. If you're interested in improving digital advertising, or you've ever been disappointed by digital advertising services you've paid for, definitely give this episode a listen!

About Charles: Charles Manning is the founder and CEO of Kochcava, a seven-year-old digital advertising measurement and attribution company, measuring over $6 billion in ad spend annually for Fortune 500 companies such as Netflix, McDonald’s, Microsoft, and Nike.

About Kochava: Kochava built open-sourced and unified blockchain XCHNG from the ground up for the digital advertising ecosystem, which is currently fraught with issues such as brand safety and ad fraud. XCHNG places ad contracts at the center of the protocol, bringing about transparency between advertisers, publishers, and the different players within the industry.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How digital advertising can benefit from blockchain innovation.
  • Why you should leverage blockchain powered advertising services.
  • How blockchain will end fraud in the advertising industry.

Resources mentioned:


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