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Episode 39: Taking Digital Collectibles Further Than CryptoKitties [Podcast]

  • 27 December 2018
  • Blockchain Disruption

EP.39 Taking Digital Collectibles Further Than CryptoKitties - David Yu

Let’s be honest. CryptoKitties was revolutionary in that it opened everyone’s eyes to the possibility of scarce digital collectibles on the blockchain. It did not, however, gain mainstream appeal and has never risen to very high user numbers. Despite their overhyped beginnings, digital collectibles have real potential if they successfully demonstrate their value compared to existing digital assets in games like World of Warcraft or PokemonGo.

David Yu is the CEO and Founder of ECOMI. In this interview, David and I discuss where digital collectibles have fallen short of expectations, and what's needed to drive more mainstream adoption. If you've been curious about why digital collectibles have value, or how blockchain can take existing brands into the digital collectibles space, definitely give this episode a listen.

About ECOMI: ECOMI is a digital asset ecosystem and economy that provides a range of products and services that can solve these long-standing problems by striking the perfect balance between the physical world and the digital one. The ECOMI all-in-one ecosystem includes ECOMI Collect, ECOMI Vault, ECOMI SecureWallet, and ECOMI One card and mobile apps.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How blockchain is creating a whole new industry for digital assets.
  • How you can build collectibles that retain value on the blockchain.
  • What the future holds for crypto collectibles and other blockchain powered digital assets.

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