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Episode 28: Using Blockchain To Drive Participation In Games [Podcast]

  • 12 December 2018
  • Blockchain Disruption

EP.28 Using Blockchain to Drive Participation in Games - Dylan Jones

In the current digital gaming marketplace, there are tons of barriers to entry when it comes to drawing attention to your game, and keeping users engaged. Not to mention, most gaming companies rely on advertising through Facebook, Instagram, and other digital platforms that are outside of their control. Blockchain driven platforms could help resolve some of these issues by incentivizing participation and providing for more transparency on digital advertising efficacy.

Dylan Jones is the founder of Refereum, a platform aiming to reward gamers for participating, while giving game developers a more transparent advertising and engagement model. Dylan and I talk about how decentralized solutions can help drive innovation in the gaming industry, and how blockchain might transform the way gamers engage with content. Creating better attribution is vital for restoring trust between brands and advertisers, and for reducing advertising activity that can be damaging to brand/consumer relationships. Whether you are a gamer, or an industry exec, this episode will help you understand how blockchain platforms will disrupt gaming markets.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How blockchain will change the way games advertise and reach consumers.
  • How you can leverage blockchain to increase user engagement.
  • How blockchain can be used to make advertising more transparent and effective.

Resources mentioned:

Refereum: www.Refereum.com

Twitter: @Refereum

Dylan Jones: @tDJ

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