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Episode 23: Bridging The Gap Between Blockchain Startups And Enterprise Incumbents [Podcast]

  • 5 December 2018
  • Blockchain Disruption

EP.23 Bridging the Gap Between Blockchain Startups and Enterprise Incumbents - Ritika Singh

If you’ve been researching blockchain or listening to this show, you know that the applications for the technology are plentiful. You also know that there have been lots of failed attempts to develop blockchain solutions that suffered from a lack of real need. It can sometimes be tough to evaluate whether or not your blockchain startup is solving a clear problem in the market, and it can be even tougher to evaluate whether or not a blockchain solution is right for your company. That's why I wanted to chat with Ritika Singh.

Ritika is the CEO and Founder of InnCreTech, an NJ based startup incubator and advisory company. Ritika and her team have advised numerous blockchain startups, and have helped enterprise-level organizations develop blockchain solutions for their business. They are also working to develop a predictive analytics solution for both traditional and crypto hedge funds. If you’re interested in what industries are adopting blockchain solutions, or what it takes to build a successful blockchain venture, this is the episode for you!

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How to build winning blockchain solutions for enterprise applications.
  • How you can vet credible ICOs and blockchain projects, and what you should do if you’re an entrepreneur with a blockchain startup.
  • How hedge funds, supply chain companies, and countless others will benefit from blockchain analytics.

Resources mentioned:

InnCreTech: www.InnCreTech.com

Startup Incubator:  From an Idea to a Brand

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