Episode 20: How Blockchain Can Democratize Graphics Rendering [Podcast]

  • 30 November 2018
  • Blockchain Disruption

EP.20 How Blockchain Can Democratize Graphics Rendering - Kalin Stoyanchev

The entertainment industry is being rapidly disrupted by tech companies, streaming services, and subscription-based content models. While new platforms are making it easier for content creators to compete, there are a number of barriers that still exist.

The massive computing power required to process visual and graphics data frequently forces small creators and firms to outsource their visual rendering to companies with more computing power. In this interview, I connect with Kalin Stoyanchev, Head of Blockchain for RNDR, a company aiming to decentralize GPU computing power for content creators. If you want to understand the ways in which blockchain can remove barriers in the entertainment industry, this is the episode for you!

About Kalin: Kalin Stoyanchev is the Project Lead at RNDR, a platform for distributed GPU rendering, as well as OTOY’s VP of Distributed Systems and Blockchain. With OTOY’s help as a AR/VR pioneer, Kalin and his team created RNDR’s distributed GPU network to help expand the world’s access to new 3D content.

About RNDR: RNDR is a blockchain-based graphics rendering platform that leverages a distributed network of idle GPUs to render graphics more quickly and efficiently. The platform encourages and democratizes the creation of VR and AR applications by making it not only faster, but cheaper to create these complex graphics. RNDR is built on the Ethereum blockchain and allows creators to submit requests for jobs they need completed. Those who complete these rendering jobs are compensated in RNDR tokens, later redeemable for USD and other cryptocurrencies.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How blockchain can help increase access to computing power.
  • How you can leverage blockchain to render large visual projects.
  • Where blockchain and entertainment content creation will intersect in the future.

Resources mentioned:


Twitter:  @RenderToken

Kalin Stoyanchev: LinkedIn Profile

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