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Episode 19: Creating Financial Services For Crypto Investors [Podcast]

  • 29 November 2018
  • Blockchain Disruption

EP. 19 Creating Financial Services for Crypto Investors - Joseph Kelly

While it's clear that blockchain is going to disrupt traditional banking services, it's also clear that as cryptocurrencies gain further adoption people need financial vehicles for using them.

In this interview, Joe Kelly, CEO of Unchained Capital and I discuss the future of financial services for cryptocurrency users. If you've wondered whether or not cryptocurrencies will receive the same kind of financial infrastructure as fiat currencies, give this episode a listen.

About Joe: Joe is highly passionate about solving problems and disrupting the current, outdated financial services sector for the better, and has successfully solved a fundamental dilemma for those people across the world who are holding a substantial quantity of Bitcoin / Ethereum by achieving liquidity without selling one’s investment. Previous to Unchained Capital, Joe co-founded Infochimps, an enterprise solution for building applications on large amounts of data which was acquired by CSC in 2013. Thereafter, Joe co-founded and became CEO of the bitcoin startup, Unchained Capital. Joe also does consulting through Perfect Timing, LLC.

About Unchained Capital: Austin-based crypto-finance startup Unchained Capital, built a code-first lending platform empowering global crypto investors to achieve liquidity, capitalize, and parlay their investment into real estate, automotive assets, financial assets, and other diversification.

Resources mentioned:

Unchained Capital: www.Unchained-Capital.com

Twitter:  @unchainedcap

Joseph Kelly: @josephkelly

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