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Episode 17: Tokenizing Real Estate To Create Fractional Ownership Models [Podcast]

  • 27 November 2018
  • Blockchain Disruption

EP.17 Tokenizing Real Estate to Create Fractional Ownership Models - Connor O'Day

Real estate is ripe for blockchain disruption. Whether it's tokenizing real estate assets, reducing title fraud, or decentralizing the MLS, blockchain is poised to completely change real estate markets. While real estate stakeholders have been slow to adopt digital solutions outside of listing platforms like Zillow, they are jumping at the chance to leverage blockchain technology for their business operations. The main reason is that blockchain meets both the needs of real estate professionals, and potential investors.

Dig DeeperBlockchain in Real Estate: 10+ Possible Use Cases 

In this interview, I connect with Connor O'Day from Meridio, a company aiming to tokenize properties to create fractional ownership models for commercial and rental properties. By tokenizing properties, and using smart contracts to enforce terms, blockchain solutions can make shared ownership more sustainable, which will inevitably open up the real estate industry to a whole new class of investors. While some people are critical about turning physical assets into digitized securities, Connor and the team at Consensys are confident that this will completely change the way we invest in and manage properties. If you've dabbled in real estate transactions, bought a house, or plan to someday, check out this episode to find out how blockchain might improve the experience!

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How blockchain companies are aiming to change commercial and shared real estate ownership.
  • How you can leverage blockchain and crypto to help you invest in real estate.
  • Why the future of real estate is fractional property ownership.

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