Episode 10: How To Decentralize Big Data Analysis For Midsize Organizations [Podcast]

  • 16 November 2018
  • Blockchain Disruption

EP.10 How to Decentralize Big Data Analysis for Midsize Organizations - Jason Cohen

Big data is changing the way we do business. With companies collecting data from countless sources, whether they be mobile devices, IoT, or otherwise, the onslaught of data is giving companies deeper insights into customer behaviors and needs. The trouble is, all this data can be difficult to process, and costly to aggregate.

Frequently, smaller organizations can’t afford the necessary computing power to process all their data. This means they either have to work with expensive centralized platforms like Tableau or give up on competitive data analytics altogether. The good news is, blockchain can help reduce those costs and make big data analysis more accessible for small businesses and midsize organizations.

By decentralizing computing power, and distributing the processing of key data sets, blockchain solutions will help democratize big data analysis. In this interview, Jason Cohen and I discuss the ways decentralized solutions can disrupt big data innovation and where the technology is headed. Jason and his team at Big Data Block are using blockchain to help make big data processing more accessible for everyone. I hate to say something so cliche but they really are working to “democratize big data”. If you’ve ever wondered how your startup could benefit from big data, or how to affordable process the information you have, definitely give this episode a listen!

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Learn how blockchain can help make Big Data less daunting for smaller organizations.
  • How you can leverage blockchain to get more insights from your data.
  • How distributed computing will make processing big data easier for everyone.

Resources mentioned:

Big Data Block:  www.BigDataBlock.com

Twitter: @BigDataBlock

BigDataBlock Whitepaper: The Democratization of Big Data

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