Entrepreneurs are Changing Healthcare and the Industry Will Never be the Same

  • 13 June 2016
  • Disruptor Daily

With the advent of numerous ground-breaking technologies, entrepreneurs have seen an opportunity and seized it. The healthcare industry has always been ahead of the curve, above other industries, when it comes to using science to further their causes. But, by translating the technological know-how of the tech industry into disruptive tools suited for healthcare purposes, business leaders around the world have started to spearhead the advancement of preventative medical treatments, changing healthcare.


Skin cancer goes widely undetected. The reason? The onus for finding skin regularities falls first and foremost on the patient. And, even if you do find something feels a little fishy, not being confident in your own abilities to differentiate between a normal mole and a problematic one is lacking, to say the least.

SkinVision, an app compatible with your smartphone, enables patients to track and potentially spot a problem before making that first doctor’s appointment. SkinVision’s app allows its users to snap pics of anything they think looks a bit questionable. The application will then give it a once-over and alert the user if they should consult their doctor further.


Childhood obesity has been an ongoing epidemic in the United States. Although your physician may provide meal plans and exercise tips in the office, who are keeping children accountable (and in a way that they’ll actually listen to) when they’re on their own?

Kurbo has developed a mobile application to connect health experts with children and teens on a near 24/7 basis. They help them to set goals and cultivate healthier eating and exercising habits. Kurbo takes it a step further by matching kids up with coaches who’ve got similar interests as they do and who have experience working with that particular age group.


Focusing on cognitive decline detection, Neurotrack is determined to help physicians determine if you’re at risk for diseases like Alzheimer’s. Computer-based tests are outfitted with the ability to track eye movement providing insight into your risk for cognitive issues down the road.

So, how in the world does this work? Research has shown that particular eye movements can be linked to abnormalities in the hippocampus which is the area of your brain that holds your long-term memories and helps with your special perception. The test projects your risk out as far as 3 years. Having this information gives you a head start on preserving and even preventing rapid cognitive decline.


Gone are the days of relying on erroneous WebMD diagnoses. HealthTap has created a platform for patients to connect with healthcare professionals regarding their specific questions. Their Prime service provides round the clock access doctors around the country via phone, video chat or text.

HealthTap also offers a concierge service allowing users to connect privately to their personal healthcare providers.


Suffering from chronic back pain? Lumo has come up with a simple answer. Stop slouching! Sitting up straight can be incredibly difficult in an age where everything we do requires us to reach, for example, driving and typing. Constantly catching yourself schumpling over is difficult because, hey, you’ve got other things on your mind!

Lumo has created a device which syncs with your smartphone reminding you to sit up straight. Using a small sensor that clips onto your clothing near the shoulder, the device will buzz if you’ve been caught in a slumping position for too long. It’s like someone tapping you on the shoulder every few minutes to remind you to straighten up…The device also tracks activity, just a little-added perk.

Using technology to diagnose and produce treatment plans for patients is a viably more reliable way to provide medical care. And, with the increase in products for use by the general public hitting the market, startups are putting the power back into the patient’s hands. With greater control, entrepreneurs and doctors alike will be able to deliver more consistent treatment across the board while simplifying their own practices and will empower the public to take their own preventative measures.

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