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Disruption by Blockchain Part 80: Anver Layshev – Gamity

  • 13 March 2018
  • Expert Insights

Our new Disruption by Blockchain series aims to highlight companies that are leveraging the incredible potential of blockchain technology to disrupt and revolutionize their industry. Through one on one interviews, we'll speak directly with industry leaders to cut beyond the hype and get directly to the heart of practical use cases and examples of how it will change the world, one industry at a time.

The following is an interview we recently had with Anver Layshev, CEO of Gamity.

1. What’s the history of Gamity? How and where did you begin?

AL: This is one of the most important questions for every Idea that then becomes a Startup.
Going a bit ahead – you may find our full history in our first versions of white paper (that is available on the
To take the long run very fast – I personally became a heavy gamer in 1991 – that's when I started learning English language at school via computer games, not books.
Then platform games, PC games – they totally changed my life! And not only mine – a lot of team members have the same story, and a lot of our readers have the same past!
It does not matter which country you come from – every kid, who was born in the1980s knows this story.
So this was indeed the beginning of Gamity – what stands for Gamification + Quality.
Gamification part is described – then Quality part appeared in 2003 when I went to study quality management at MISIS University.
I was very lucky to study from the best in CIS and almost TOP in the world Quality experts for 5 years at the University, then went to work for such companies like SGS and Saint-Gobain to upgrade my knowledge with experience…
And in late December, with the help of some people from SalesForce, we decided to make our dream come true and started Gamity as it is right now – as a Startup!

2. Who are the founders and key team members?

Team consists of regular players and advisors.

We are balanced with different skills and I am really glad that we found each other!

Founders – Anver Layshev and Svyatoslav Yakimov.
I mainly focus on team lead and I was the one who created Gamity after more than 10 years of business experience in SGS and Saint-Gobain. By the way – first real gamification experiences was when we did Weberation project for Saint-Gobain.
Slava (short from Svyatoslav) – co-founder is from the development field. He has a good stack of programming skills, which lead him from front-end programming into deep knowledge of Solidity language (Ethereum platform) – he was doing a lot of projects before he joined Gamity in 2017.

Team members – Marina Shibaeva, Arkadiy Roschin, Timur Imomnazarov, Andrey Kozlov.
Marina is an experienced designer with more than 7 years that started from interior design and then she started designing concepts, graphics for not only real sector projects, but also for some IT-related teams. Gamity was fully designed as a concept by Marina. All those fonts, pixelart.
Arkadiy is a very skilled internet-related employee, then he also had his own small business in the internet trading field. And he has a passion for Salesforce system, as I do too.
Timur and Andrey are professional in the engineering field from the first factory business (where we started to test Gamification concepts). So they started to believe that Gamity could improve process quality of a factory and then we started to gamify and then to add blockchain based coins for regular work together. So, actually – Timur and Andrey stay near the “heart” of Gamity, while other team members develop the “brain” and other human parts. 
So in General – we are like a small soccer team!

Advisors – Oleg Dorin, Yu-kai Chou – you may just have a look at what both these people do.
Oleg is a very experienced top-manager in regular business like Saint-Gobain, Gillette – so advises us how to build a proper business strategy and business-model!
I feel so honored that he works with us as an advisor – once, in 2008 I was his employee, and 10 years later we became more like friends.
Yu-kai Chou also inspires all our team! He is a creator of the Gamification concept – so he is one of the best in the world skilled Gamification professional with more than 15 years doing this as a pioneer. His Octalysis framework was also something really astonishing for us…
Yu-kai, at last, could pay a visit to Russia for the first time in his life in late 2017. Now we really hope that he will come more often to Russia to visit Gamity.
Actually, the team is my favourite part. I could write miles of text about our people. We are like family with all the family issues (not always pretty ones).
So I am really glad that people with different visions, with their very different experience, could meet each other to create something like Gamity together.
And once again I am proud that I could connect all of them together!

3. What problem are you solving? Who are you solving it for?

AL: 87% of people all over the world are not engaged/involved in their work!
Imagine that this uninvolvement steals people's potential to do more/ to do better not only from themselves, but also from their Stakeholders like Businesses, Employees (if we talk about managers), Government and etc.
This happens no matter in which country you are! What Age are you! What Nationality! Does not matter!
So from the Business or Work perspective – those people who are uninvolved are very bad. Robots will most likely substitute them in the nearest future!
And again here – when you are one of this 87 % (I am, and all my team is there, by the way) – when at your workplace you start messaging, Facebooking, or playing some game (computer or mobile). So here we stop and say – playing is bad for business.

4. What is your solution to this problem?

AL: And now let's change the perspective – we put the “perspective camera” to a shoulder of this very worker, manager, or anyone who plays games instead of working!
Is it so bad? NO. It is cool, great to do, FUN and all those emotions, that are mainly positive!
This is because of the so-called human design focus!
Human design focus that game designers use very very well – this is the “weapon” that shoots the attention of industrial factory workers and steal them from families, jobs…
In Russia, and not only Russia there was a thought that “Games are very bad” – so literally, when I played my computer games when I was 7 years old (and not only I – there are a lot of readers, who may tell the same story) – my mother came and turned off the electricity saying: “Go and do your homework first!”. This was a disaster because homework was not so fun anymore…
So we see that multicultural and multiage problems of addicts to games could be used as a “weapon” to involve employees to do their job better!
This is literally done by switching boring interfaces that people see every day to a slightly better interface with at least simple coins, points, badges, and leaderboards.
BUT – we can do more! Octalysis framework and work of Octalysis team shows that you may simply go deeper into game design for a regular business.
So you create a plot, show several narratives, depending on people choices, design missions, levels, class upgrades for all players, unite them into communities – so basically – you move any team's motivation to a +10 state where people start thinking that they are in a game!!!
In this case, when you design a good game for your teams, they no longer need to receive fun from their mobile devices or computer games – they play at their work!

5. Why is your industry ripe for disruption?

AL: Right now. We all know LEAN systems (in the USA they are more known as 6 SIGMA), that were once a small engineering knowledge for a very very local application in statistics. Right now, after almost 40 years of growth – this concept is used everywhere – LEAN Startups, LEAN Leadership and so on.
We see after reports from TOP Marketing agencies, that Gamification is already a market worth 10 bln $ and growing. Computer Games market – that is also a very rapid thing – is more than 100 bln $ and also Growing.
What does it all mean? That there is a generation shift that demands fun on their workplace.
And now a final headshot, Blockchain right now it is already not a simple buzz-word, but it is an industry, where the overall market cap of all the projects (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and smaller ones) is more than 500 bln $!!!
Gamity combines Gamification, LEAN (Quality) and blockchain.
That is it – we will change the world.

6. What’s the future of your industry?

Future is unseen but anyway.
If we take 3 options that would be negative, regular or positive.
The negative one is that Gamification will be dead as a trend because of robotics that may leave regular people without jobs… If Skynet defeats humanity – we are all doomed.
Ok, so the regular forecast would be that this industry changer may develop very very slowly, like it was with LEAN. So it will take another 10-20 years to go deeper into a worldwide business.
And the most likely for us, I mean humanity is the positive scenario.
Imagine a situation where every single working step you do on your job is like a mission in your favourite game (Final Fantasy, FIFA, Mortal Combat, GTA, World of Warcraft).
When you play these games – you reach the so-called state of flow when your brain is extra focused and you may outperform yourself…
We want to believe and we fight for this future to come ASAP into our everyday life!
When there is no difference between computer games (where you pay to play) and work (where you play and get paid for it).
Just think about this final part of the text, and in case you feel that it has something to do with you – don't hesitate to join Gamity community, we'd gladly accept you dear friend.

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