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Cryptopay Review: 10 Key Points To Know In 2017

  • 13 September 2017
  • James Njau

Imagine taking full advantage of the Bitcoin Blockchain technology, to pay and receive money without worrying about fluctuating market movements. Would it not be amazing to have fast and reliable Bitcoin payments that are safe and accessible on a simple VISA debit card? Well if you love the idea, then that is what Cryptopay is all about!

George Basiladze

Since its inception in October 2013, this London based company has been driven entirely by the passion of two cryptocurrency supporters. 

Dmitry Gunyashov

George Basiladze, who is a professionally trained finance expert with in-depth finance systems knowledge, partnered with Dmitry Gunyashov (a die-hard Bitcoin enthusiast with more than seven years of professional experience in building e-commerce businesses) to bring about a robust collective experience to the table.

Having issued over 37,000 debit cards with up to 167,000 active users across the globe, the company has managed to successfully conduct over 100,000 Bitcoin transactions. In fact, it has expanded its services to include B2B business partnerships, Flex accounts, Bitcoin Debit cards and many other features that are transforming the utility of the Bitcoin Wallet.

Here’s an in-depth analysis of the Cryptopay and what it has in store for you:

Top 5 Benefits bout Cryptopay

1. Easy to use

We get it; sometimes everything about Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology can be a bit complicated. However, Cryptopay has done its best to change this notion.

Source: cryptopay.me

With a simple account setup, plus a straightforward and neat user interface, anyone can start to make Bitcoin transactions online using Cryptopay. Paying for goods and services from your favorite e-commerce site could is now as easy as clicking on a button.

2. Secure

Security is, without a doubt, a top priority for any business traction. The good news is that with a Cryptopay Bitcoin Wallet, you can rest assured that your funds are in safe hands thanks to a built in Multisig technology that provides top notch security for your Bitcoins, not to mention a two-factor verification process that is hacker proof.

3. Convenient

Making online payments can be frustrating especially when you have to bypass a third party just to pay for goods and services. Fortunately, Cryptopay provides a one stop shop for all online transaction needs and, with services such as a flex account, Bitcoin debit card, and easy money transfers, conducting online transactions will be super convenient.

4. Hustle-free

Cryptopay services come with stress-free deposits and withdrawals that are not just simple but also free of charge. Yes, we said free of charge! You can send money for free from over 20 countries within the SEPA zone and forget about waiting for days, sometimes even weeks just for the transaction to complete.

5. Customer support

Another advantage that Cryptopay gives its users is an easy to reach and a responsive customer support.

Source: cryptopay.me

With about three channels including email support, social media as well as a live chart on its website, Cryptopay has really outdone itself in regards to offering quick and reliable solutions to its customers.

Top 10 questions about Cryptopay

1. How do I get started with Cryptopay?

Getting started with Cryptopay is really a walk in the park. Thanks to the neat design of its website, you can easily navigate through to get what you need. But first, you will have to create an account and then go through a simple process to verify your account so as to deposit funds and make Bitcoin payments.

2. What other advantages does Cryptopay offer?

Yes, we have covered advantages that Cryptopay brings to the table, but there’s more! Since there is no need for a bank account to get started with Cryptopay, you can easily order a debit card, get it shipped to you for free and withdraw your money in an instant. As if that is not enough, Cryptopay provides its users the chance to leverage the convenience and security of the Bitcoin Blockchain technology, which is awesome.

3. What is a Cryptopay debit card?

Imagine being able to spend your Bitcoins offline just the same way you use your VISA debit card from your bank. It really is that simple with Cryptopay!

Source: cryptopay.me

You can deposit Bitcoins to your Crytpopay Bitcoin Wallet and use your debit card to transact with millions of merchants all over the world. In addition to that, you can even order for a virtual card and use it whenever you want.

4. Do I really need a Cryptopay card?

Many people use a Bitcoin wallet and they are okay with it. As you have seen, this company brings something new to the table. Frankly, the easiest way to spend your Bitcoins is by using a debit card. This means that you do not only have a safe offline wallet for your coins but also get to benefit from having direct access to your funds without worrying about conversions to precise quantities. And yes, you can finally say goodbye to tedious payment methods!

5. How can I activate my card?

The debit card from Cryptopay comes packed with instructions on how to go about activating it. The instructions are easy to follow and within no time you will have your card activated. In case of any problems, you can contact customer support and get a prompt response.

6. Does Cryptopay offer a card statement?

Of course, it does! In fact, you can easily keep track of all your transactions online anytime you want thanks to a 24/7 service on Cryptopay’s website.

7. How will I pay for the debit card?

Good question. Now, the best part about Cryptopay’s debit card is the fact that you can easily pay for the card with a variety of fiat currencies, including:

  • Pounds
  • US Dollar
  • Euro

What’s more is that the payments are updated in a short time allowing you the freedom to quickly change your cash into cryptocurrency and vice versa.

8. How can I buy Bitcoins through Cryptopay?

Cryptopay allows users to buy Bitcoins using Euros and British Sterling. You can follow this simple process that will get you results fast:

  • Create an account by simply entering your email address and a password. An email will then be sent to your account to confirm registration.
  • Verify your account by simply uploading verification documents on your profile.

From here onwards, you will be able to deposit cash using your SEPA wire transfer into your Cryptopay account.

9. How do I sell my Bitcoins with Cryptopay?

The magic behind Cryptopay is simple to understand. Apart from being able to buy Bitcoins, you can also use it to turn your Bitcoins back to cash hassle-free. Once you have created your account and completed the verification, you can securely sell your Bitcoins to Cryptopay and immediately receive fiat currency in your account.

10. Can I start accepting Bitcoin payments on my e-commerce site using Cryptopay?

Well, yes you can and Cryptopay understands that one of the biggest draw backs when running an e-commerce site is the fluctuating exchange rates. Luckily, it provides a way out of this problem by enabling e-commerce website owners to benefit from Bitcoin payments. Currently, its services enable online merchants to get access to international markets that are untapped at zero costs. With no rolling reserve and low fees, not to mention the elimination of PCI-DSS requirements, the success of an e-commerce business is almost guaranteed.


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