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Comparing The 3 Leading Crypto Trackers (Blox, Delta, Blockfolio)

  • 4 June 2019
  • Sam Mire

Since the arrival of cryptocurrencies, crypto tracking apps and platforms have played an important role for businesses, institutions, investors and professionals to track all their crypto assets. Once upon a time, that was not such an easy task. Tracking crypto assets can be complex, and many of the current apps available are missing features that tackle emerging issues in crypto, such as calculating cost basis, tracking and managing assets in real time and ensuring all results and calculations are perfectly accuracy.

It’s not enough to simply track assets, and the demand from consumers is demanding smarter, automated and flexible solutions that go above and beyond.

It is time to dive into s the three leading apps for tracking and managing cryptocurrency assets and portfolios.

Blockfolio (Previous Champion)


In the early days of crypto, Blockfolio was one of the few working apps for tracking crypto assets. The “world's most popular” crypto tracking app has over five-million downloads strong, which is a number that puts it well ahead of its competitors in terms of usership. While it remains as one of the go-to apps for amateurs and even professionals, it is no longer the champion, considering many other apps and platforms have emerged superior in tracking, managing and even accounting for crypto assets.

The app is excellent for basic crypto tracking, and supposedly supports the most amount of tokens, coins and blockchains. The experience on Blockfolio is generally stable, however, in the App Store and Google Play store, users continue to make complaints over constant bugs and inaccuracies within the app.

The most basic of apps, but for most it gets the job done. Blockfolio is the most recognizable tracking tool in the world and until recently, the undisputed crypto tracking champion.

Blockfolio is available on iOS and Android with free and paid plans.



  • Used by millions around the world
  • Aggregates relevant news
  • Alerts based on price fluctuations
  • Familiar brand name



  • No web or desktop app
  • Lacking API support for exchanges
  • Extremely limited features
  • No accounting and management tools
  • Connecting to messaging apps makes it extra annoying

Unique Feature: Blockfolio Signal

Similar to Delta Direct (see below), Blockfolio launched Signal as a communications platform for token teams to connect and engage with their communities. It is a free service that allows token teams to reach more mobile users.

This new method of opening communication between token team leaders, communities and users is the next wave of enhancing community and advertising.

Rating: **out of 10

Tech: 6

Design: 7

User Exp: 7

Features: 7

Total = 27

Blox (New Champion)


Blox arrived late to the party, but they came prepared to go above and beyond, and that is why they are now the new champion of crypto tracking apps. Blox is already used by major companies like, eToro, TenX, 0X and many market-leaders. Most apps on this list are B2C focused, but Blox is the leading B2B platform with a B2C offering. That means anyone can get started on their feature-filled platform with Blox PRO for free to start tracking and managing their crypto.

What makes Blox so unique is they have built tools and features dedicated for accountants and bookkeepers, to provide a wide array of tracking, management and accounting features that works across dozens of blockchains, wallets and exchanges. The company uses best-in-class API technology to make their web and app platform a true industry-leader.

Using Blox for just a few days and it’s easy to see why they are quickly gobbling up more and more of the market from its competitors.

Blox is available on iOS, Android and Web, with free and paid plans.



  • Available across any platform for web and mobile applications
  • Most precise and accurate platform
  • Bright and user-friendly UX/UI
  • Used by leading blockchain & crypto companies
  • Automated synching for exchanges, blockchains and wallet APIs
  • B2C/B2C solutions



  • Web based platform is for professionals and businesses
  • For major investors and businesses, Blox only has paid plans
  • Blox does not yet have tax solutions
  • Some features are too advanced for amateur users

Unique Feature: Daily Snapshots & CSV Export

Blox can be easily used as a tracking tool for crypto, and it completes this function faster and more accurately than contenders on this list. But, Blox is far more than a mere tracking app.

They provide daily snapshots of accounts and portfolios, which means users can see comprehensive overviews of their balances across any account or portfolio. These daily balance snapshots can even be exported as a .CSV file that allows professionals, accountants or bookkeepers to import into Excel, Google Sheets, Quickbooks or Xero. It is sophisticated features such as this, that separates Blox from its other competitors.

Rating: **out of 10

Tech: 9

Design: 9

User Exp: 9

Features: 9

Total = 36

Delta (Top Competitor)


After Blockfolio, Delta is one of the worlds most well-known apps for tracking crypto. They current boast over 1M app installs with the ability to reach almost 1 millions users. The app contains a massive library of coins, over 3000 to be exact. They even support every ICO and the ability to add ‘Custom Coins’, when an ICO has not even entered an exchange.

The UX/UI is known for being smooth and nice, but too dark for some professionals. Delta offers a great dashboard that is available on Mac, Windows and Linux machines, an amazing plus for businesses that need to track crypto. As one of the highest ranked trackers in the game, Delta even tracks trading fees and possesses multiple portfolios support.

Where it falls short is its limited features and abilities. They have extremely limited charting and organizations, and do not offer anything more or distinguishably better than its other competitors. However, it was one of the first to take a chunk of the market.

Delta is available on iOS, Android, Linux, Mac OSX, Windows and offers free and paid options.

Unique Feature: Delta Direct

This new feature from Delta allows a direct link for Token Teams to connect with existing and potential investors for free. Essentially, this is just another ploy to create a direct line of communication to push and advertise up-and-coming coins. One question some people are asking, is if this is a feature they can turn off should they not want disturbing notifications.

Delta Directa is expected to be a transparent and trustworthy hub for relevant information for their users. It will allow asset teams to directly real (potential) investors and educate and inform them.



  • Large range of tokens and exchanges
  • Trackable trading feels
  • Support of multiple portfolios
  • Solo desktop app for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X



  • Limited charting and organizations
  • Limited exchange API connections unless using Pro


Rating: **out of 10

Tech: 6

Design: 8

User Exp: 8

Features: 6

Total = 28

Honorable Mentions:




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