Car Wash on Demand: 10 Startups to Watch in 2017

  • 5 October 2017
  • James Njau

Our vehicles can get pretty gross and unpleasant. On the inside, you have to deal with dirt that has accumulated in the footwells, used napkins that are stuffed into the seat pockets and stray crumbs that have stayed between the seats forever. On the outside, it could be even worse – dead bugs, all that road grime and other unmentionables. Getting time to rush to the car wash and have your car cleaned is hard enough, especially if you are ever busy.

These are some of the reasons why many startups have come up to help people get their cars cleaned as they work late, run errands or even relax at their homes. Let’s take a quick look at 10 of these startups that are disrupting this industry and, of course, what they are all about.

1. Spiffy

Spiffy is probably one of the most popular startups with a mission to change the car wash industry thanks to its innovative ideas. Founded in 2014, Spiffy is a car cleaning and detailing startup that lets users schedule, rate and pay for a wash through its mobile app as well as on its website. Thanks to its Spiffy Green System which is a procedure designed to be environmentally safe and friendly, the startup manages to have zero water run-offs and up to 100% water recycling capacity. With a cumulative funding of over 11 million USD, there’s no doubt that Spiffy is set to grow and reach to a global level.

2. Wype

The beauty of an on-demand car cleaning service is that it offers a smart, eco-friendly solution that many customers love. This is why many startups are jumping onto the trend, and Wype (a car cleaning service based in Los Angeles) hasn’t been left behind. It employs cutting-edge technology to improve the experience of the clients, ensuring that it remains waste-free. It uses a waterless car cleaning method to break down dirt, creating a lubricated barrier that makes it easy to wipe a car clean. From its mobile app, users can log in and schedule a session with a detailed guide to make the process easier for you. It’s also worthy to note that Any Kim (co-founder and CEO) and the rest of his team work to ensure that the company donates a gallon of clean water, therefore, contributing to the noble cause of water conservation.

3. Washos



With over 1000 bookings on its platform and revenue of over $700,000, it's pretty clear that Washos is a disruptor to watch. This Los Angeles based startup is changing the car wash industry by creating a platform for a mobile car wash and detailing service on its iOS app and website. Users are allowed to book for an on-demand car cleaning service and conveniently pay through a secure channel. It then sends detailers to your location within 90 minutes with the option of 30 days in advance scheduling. Founded by Bertrand Patriarca, Francois Pradel, and Kevin Guexz, this startup is set to grow its customer base as it continues to offer a smart way to take care of cars.

4. Dinowash

Dinowash understands what clients want, and just like other startups, it aims to cash in on the $57.6 billion in this industry. Based in Toronto, this is an app-based mobile car wash service that users can use to book for a wash and get the services of a professional detailer in a matter of minutes. Valued at $1,000,000, this industry disruptor was founded in 2015 with a cumulative seed capital of over two hundred thousand US dollars.

5. Qweex

The founder of Qweek (E.makarov) started out with a dream of creating an eco-friendly and more convenient way of getting cars cleaned. The vision triumphed, and now Qweex is an on-demand startup that gets rid of the need for visiting a carwash thanks to its mobile technology that brings the car wash to you wherever you are. You simply use Google maps to tell Qweex where you are, scheduling the time that works best according to you and Qweex handles the rest! Excellent right? The startup provides a $1,000,000 policy on all Qweex car wash processes, which is pretty amazing.

6. Waterless Works

What started out in 2014 as a sixteen-year old's solution to a frustrating traditional car wash experience is today a successful startup that employs waterless technology to clean cars. Waterless Works offers waterless treatment, cooperate washing for small and large businesses, as well as steam detailing that leaves your car looking great.  With the convenience that brings the car wash to the customer instead of the other way round, this budding disruptor is surely changing the traditional car wash business model one wash after the other. And just to make sure it gives back to the community this company donates up to 12 gallons of water to charitable organizations in 40 different countries across the globe.

7. Blink My Car

This app-based startup from Lebanese was founded by two high school friends (Rami Hallal and Ralph Choueiri). With an angel investment of $350,000 and a seed capital of 1.2million, Blink my Car can get your vehicle spotlessly clean, saving over 250 liters on every wash thanks to its eco-friendly chemical products that guarantee a quality shine. Bundled with interior detailing services is its passion for safety and convenience for its customers not to mention a hassle-free 15-minute car wash booking.

8. WashMyWhip

WashMyWhip works by just allowing users to drop a pin on the location of a car and choose up to three detailing services. The process starts with the spray of its eco-friendly cleaning solutions that lift and separate the dirt from your car. Then a microfiber towel is used to remove contaminants safely. The procedure ends with a Brazilian Carnauba wax that gives your vehicle a long lasting shine like Founded by Nathan Bekerman who is also the CEO and Tarek Gammal ( the COO), this startup is available in Miami, Philadelphia, and Atlanta.

9. Smartwash


From its mobile app available on both iOS and Android, Smartwash is offering an on-demand environmentally friendly solution for car owners in Miami Florida to get their cars cleaned. With just a few touches on your phone, you can benefit from the services of a fully certified detailer, getting your car washed anywhere you have it packed including the streets. Customers even get a notification to keep track of the whole process through their phone with an automated payment method at the end of the service. Quite convenient, right?

10. Speed Car Wash

The founder of Speed Car Wash stumbled onto the unimaginable possibilities of an on-demand car wash service in Ludhiana India in 2011 and ventured to start a car cleaning service that uses only three liters of water for every wash. Offering consumers the convenience of a speedy car clean that gets done anywhere including parking lots and other busy areas, this startup has managed to be among the top 10 on-demand car cleaning service providers in the globe which is quite amazing. This disruptor uses Cozi Cars (a car-detailing platform which is also a Speed Car Wash Product) to work on the cosmetics of its customer's cars.

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