Automat, led by CEO Andy Mauro, provides a conversational platform for marketing that allows marketers the ability to have personalized one-on-one conversations with followers, fans, and clients. They also can learn about their clients and build substantial relationships by use of the AI, giving people a reason to continue coming back.

Recently, this Montreal-based business raised an impressive $11 million in Canadian dollars Series A round. The round was led by group You & Mr Jones. There were also investments from Omidyar Technology Ventures, Comcast Ventures, and follow-up investments from USAA, Real Ventures, and Relay Ventures. This total round make funding available at $14 million.

About the Backers

Mauro said of the investors, “The caliber of investors in this latest funding round, along with our recent customer announcements with L’Oreal and National Bank of Canada, all point to the growing momentum of Conversational Marketing among leading brands.”

He further goes on to explain that, “We see a real convergence around brandtech, media and e-commerce and, with You & Mr Jones, Comcast Ventures, and Omidyar Technology Ventures, we have very strategic partners to help us realize our vision of letting brands build personalized one-on-one conversational experiences for their customers, fans, and followers.”

Where Will the Money Go?

Automat plans to use the funds from this series to expand and support their teams in product, research, and engineering. There are also plans to provide extra money to further developing the business, as well as sales and marketing efforts.

“We’re building a technology group that can help brands deliver their marketing much more effectively and we’re clearly not alone in believing that AI and conversational marketing are going to be game-changers in the world of business. But as ever, execution is what counts. That’s the thing that’s been very impressive about Andy and the Automat team since our initial seed investment. They are very tangibly delivering on the promise,” said David Jones, founder of You & Mr Jones.

“Automat has the team, vision, and technology needed to make conversational marketing a widespread reality and help brands get the greatest return on investment from it.”

History of Automat

This artificial intelligence conversational marketing platform launched just last year. It was quickly grown to include many important investors and partners in the bid to offer a better way to communicate with customers and fans online.

Automat is now the highest funded company in its field, and offers a new way for marketers to engage and learn about their customers. Much messaging done nowadays occurs in applications like WeChat and Facebook Messenger, making these a great way to reach millions or billions of people at once.

AI advances allow companies to learn preferences about their customers without monitoring them in ways that customers do not like.

“We believe Conversational Marketing using real AI will be critical for brands in the future,” said Amy Banse, Managing Director and Head of Funds for Comcast Ventures. “Automat has emerged as a leader in that important new category. We look forward to supporting this talented team and helping them grow and scale.”