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What Trends Are Shaping Blockchain In Marketing? 6 Experts Share Their Insights [2019]

  • 30 June 2019
  • Sam Mire

How do you measure the success of a marketing campaign? By the number of eyeballs it attracts? By the sales it drives? Or by the campaign’s sheer aesthetic appeal?

Ask ten marketing executives and you’ll get ten different answers. Marketing efforts need to be measured on a merit-based standard. The industry is trending towards greater transparency, and blockchain may contribute to a newer, better accountability framework.

The attention to data security and user privacy in marketing makes blockchain an asset despite its scalability concerns. Consumers know that marketers are data-hungry, and online mistrust is rampant. The blockchain’s decentralized security protocols are a formidable opponent for hackers, and it gives users greater command of their data.

A blockchain marketing solution should address common industry concerns like poor metrics and  data insecurity. That’s where the opportunity to impact the marketing sector lies.

1. Ella Cullen, CMO of Minespider

Ella Cullen“Data privacy. Users are growing tired of the stream of data breaches, of having their personal details hacked with little apology from corporations.

On top of that, there is growing awareness and unrest about companies monetizing their data. At a higher level, governments are recognizing the need to protect the privacy of their unsuspecting citizens, imposing regulations such as the GDPR in Europe. This sets the scene for blockchain companies to rewrite the current rules of the internet, putting the power back in the hands of users.”

2. Stephen Duplessie, Co-founder of Pangea Blockchain Fund

Stephen Duplessie“Enterprise partnerships, acquisitions and movement of “lighthouses” or masses of accumulated users with value to relevant businesses will guide branding and communications in 2019. We also anticipate widespread adoption campaigns from companies in the Security Token space. Companies beginning work on blockchain applications in 2018 will likely remain quiet until late 2019.”

3. Carol Lin Vieira, VP Corporate Marketing and Communications at BX3 Capital

Carol Lin Vieira“The number one trend to shape marketing in blockchain will be close attention to regulatory issues surrounding tokens and ICOs. Much as GDPR impacted email marketing for Europe in 2018, new rules for US blockchain-based projects will impact how projects reach and communicate with investors.”

4. Sarah-Diane Eck, CEO of Sandblock.io

“Blockchain transforms the way value is exchanged, and marketing is all about transfers of value between brands and consumers. So, the exchange of value (vouchers, loyalty points, but also data) is to be processed through blockchain networks.”


5. Steve McGarry, Co-founder of AC3

Steve McGarry“I believe earning crypto will become a multi-trillion dollar industry over the next 10 years and a billion over the next 2-4 years. Everyone is online and has value that they should be able to leverage.”


6. Amy Fox, Product Director at Blis 

Amy Fox“Using blockchain to ensure the data used in building campaigns is secure and accurate will become vital for marketers in order to stay commercially viable. Advertisers and regulators have already began demanding it and have begun implementing the tech in order to help support transparent data. Blockchain’s immutability is beneficial for all parties.”

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