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Blockchain For The Environment: 6 Startups To Watch In 2019

  • 2 February 2019
  • Sam Mire

Environmental causes are uneven: some people value them way more than others. With tree-hugging activists on one end of the spectrum and greedy oil barons dumping toxic waste on playgrounds at the other, most people fall somewhere in between.

Blockchain has come to the surface as a way to advance environmentally-conscious practices and projects. This promising technology is spreading like a bamboo forest. Some projects seek to make the corporate world’s environmental practices — good and bad alike—  more transparent through decentralized blockchain ledgers. But that’s just one use case — all of the following companies are looking to make the world a cleaner, more sustainable place with help from blockchain technology.

PoseidonPoseidon Foundation

The UK-based Poseidon Foundation is a nonprofit exploring how blockchain technology will assist in reducing emissions and fighting climate change. They use blockchain technology to allow consumers the option of considering carbon impacts in their purchases by integrating carbon costs into the point-of-sale. This is aimed at making individuals more aware of their carbon footprint, and encouraging them to take action by donating to conservation projects as they go about buying their everyday items.

Date Founded: September 19, 2017

Funding Type: ICO


Helsinki-based SansOx has been working since 2012 to developing a blockchain-enabled marketplace for the development and exchange of new solutions for providing clean water. The blockchain is seen primarily by the SansOx team as a means of acquiring funding from a global base of supporters, freeing them from regional, currency, or political restrictions that may otherwise impede donation to the SansOx vision.

Date Founded: February 2012

Funding Type: ICO


Oxyn is a ‘cryptocurrency driven by environmental incentives’. OXYN is their digital currency maintained by funding from thousands of environmental organizations. In return, each transaction completed using OXYN results in a donation of .5% of the transaction to an array of pro-environmental causes. The GREEN WALLET facilitates these transactions, and is a tool that the average environmentalist would likely want to give a try, at the least.

Date Founded: November 2017

Funding Type: Ventur-backed

VeridiumVeridium Labs

Veridium Labs have taken carbon credits to the blockchain, teaming up with the likes of IBM and Stellar in the process. With the backing of these industry heavyweights, Veridium is seeking to tokenize carbon assets so that they are freely tradeable, in line with the vision of carbon market proponents. They are also aiming to automate corporate carbon credit accounting and offsetting process on a global scale.

ICO: August 30, 2017

Funding Type: ICO


Ehab is a blockchain-enabled platform for the empowerment of people seeking to finance and build innovative, environmentally-friendly housing projects. Ehab is looking to bring together people, forward-looking property developers, and communities to help democratize and fund the construction of homes with the sustainability of the community in mind. To secure the supply chain and construction processes, Ehab will use the blockchain, while 3D printing solutions will be a core cost-saving and efficiency mechanism for the proposed platform’s success to be realized.

Date Founded: September 18, 2015

Funding Type: ICO

ixo Foundation

The ixo Foundation is developing protocols using the blockchain, with the aim of better tracking contributions’ impact on the planet. They are using the promise of the blockchain to develop information tools, core protocols, and software systems that will help guide research and development processes aimed at environmental protection and sustainability. Open collaboration, which is made easier with blockchain platforms, is a core tenet of how the ixo Foundation hopes to achieve their goals.

Funding Type: Private

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