Blockchain Startup Onchain Launches Groundbreaking Public Platform

  • 30 November 2017
  • Jermaine Wright

High-profile Chinese blockchain startup Onchain launched their groundbreaking public platform Ontology in front of a sizeable gathering of top Blockchain industry experts, investors and tech enthusiasts in New York City.

Ontology is the first project that will allow all business types, including those with little or no technical background, to easily use the blockchain technology in their systems.

The goal of the Ontology Network is to combine the cutting-edge distributed ledger, blockchain technologies and technological advancements in other businesses to form an original and open innovation cooperation mechanism to provide a comprehensive, robust and flexible Enterprise-level distributed ledger platform for institutions and corporations.

According to Hongfei Da, CEO of Onchain & Founder of NEO revealed that Ontology and NEO will build a broad ecosystem using blockchain and other new technologies to serve the real economy.

The network Launch had a robust agenda and included presentations from Jun Li, Chief Architect of Onchain – A New Generation of Distributed Trust Networks, Alphacat, The Key, Q Link, Deep Brain and more.

According to Li, the network was well received and the team is looking forward to seeing the global impact starting in the US.

“We have built rock solid infrastructure for trust cooperation in the different scenarios that make up the Ontology trust ecosystem, and we.”

Onchain has received international media attention for its leadership in the blockchain industry. The startup will continue to provide support for additional protocols and modules, welcoming further distributed business scenarios.

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