10 Startups Using Blockchain To Transform Messaging [Market Map]

  • 24 December 2018
  • Sam Mire

The age of ubiquitous technology has led to ever-evolving forms of communications – and their own unique problems. There were no mobile phones, messaging platforms, or digital tools for transmitting files and having text-based conversations.

Nowadays we consume so much information from so many different channels that it’s difficult for people to make informed decisions about security, risk, and sacrifice in what they choose to send, and how.

These companies are leveraging blockchain technology to standardize digital communication security while preserving user experiences that consumers know and love. Read on to find out what these blockchain innovators are doing.

Blockchain in messaging market map


Blockchain market map - Messaging - Secure messaging ecosystems

“Messaging” doesn’t refer strictly to messaging apps. Digital communication takes countless forms and requires complex support systems in order to maintain security and service continuity. This is difficult to achieve across varied systems or in existing API frameworks because of competing interests and a lack of standard security protocols. These companies are using the blockchain to build a better communication infrastructure. In their vision, this means creating a secure ecosystem of messaging services with uniform security expectations made possible by the underlying technology. Blockchain is an ideal solution because it secures data across a decentralized network of nodes, which is exactly how distributed digital communications operate functionally and securely. 


Mainframe is a blockchain-enabled dApp hosting platform with an emphasis on user privacy and data security. Mainframe is a software developer kit (SDK) for those who want to make their own decentralized apps. The underlying infrastructure of the Mainframe platform is designed to be “modular and pluggable,” allowing developers and users a level of flexibility in deciding which service layers to use for a given project. Their decentralized messaging app Onyx was released last year after being developed on the Mainframe network.

Founded: Sep 1, 2013

Funding type: ICO


SuchApp’s mission is aimed at creating a “5G ecosphere” on the blockchain. Users will be able to message their friends and engage in commercial transactions. The app will implement live 4k video capabilities, GPS RADAR messaging functionality, and marketing tools for those using SuchApp as a branding tool.

Funding Type: Public (ICO)

onemONEm Communications

London-based ONEm uses the blockchain to provide an array of services through its mobile platform. Standout features include the ONEm Market Place, which lets users buy and sell things using mCoin, creating an immutable audit trail of transactions. Its business network offerings allow for advertising, customer relationship management, and messaging in a business context. The platform also includes voice and text-based communication, a discussion board where various topics can be discussed, and even sports scores, news updates, and games.

Founded: 2012

Funding Type: Private


BlockMesh’s uses mesh networking technology and the blockchain to enable cost-free communication. The model is based on a mesh network’s ability to work outside the range of cellular towers, instead networking itself between peers. Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology lets them skip all the costs associated with traditional cell providers. Users are paid in MeshTokens, and the system will allow for standard communication capabilities and data transfer.

Funding type: ICO


Popular messaging app Kik announced the development of their KIN token, which they plan to use for in-app purchases.

After a successful $100 million token sale, Kik argues that their token may become the most-used cryptocurrency to date.

Founded: September 2017

Funding type: ICO


Blockchain in messaging - Messaging - Decentralized messaging platforms

People use a number of messaging applications to communicate with friends and colleagues. That said, people frequently trade functionality and ease of use for their privacy and data security. Even privacy-focused apps like that offer custom security options struggle to fully protect a user’s messages and information. These companies are working to build more secure messaging apps on the blockchain, removing centralized control of user data and preventing third party abuse. They also promise to prevent the loss of personal data to hackers. 


SENSE Chat is a blockchain-enabled messaging platform that operates over existing services like Kik, WeChat, Slack, Skype, Facebook Messenger, and beyond. Users can be rewarded with SENSE tokens for interacting with chatbots or other users. Features include anonymous connections, peer-to-peer video, and crypto-friendly messaging. It also includes the potentially controversial Peek feature, which lets users see other people’s conversations. It operates anonymously on both ends.

Founded: Mar 27, 2014

Funding type: ICO


FortKnoxster is a platform for end-to-end encrypted messaging that works for mobile and the web. Their offerings include encrypted text chats, voice calls, video conferencing, voice messaging, and decentralized storage. FortKnoxster aims to provide unparalleled privacy across messaging formats by integrating blockchain-level security measures for people and businesses alike.

Funding type: Private


Crypviser’s pitches its messaging service as unblockable and unstoppable. It provides a level of encryption that was previously only available to the military and heads of state. Its features include instant messaging, HD video conferencing, group calling, unlimited data transfer, and a proprietary crypto wallet. Crypviser describes itself as the solution to virtually all communication and data transfer needs. It can even be used as a cheaper alternative to banking for those who want to use cryptocurrency.

Founded: 2015

Funding type: ICO


Our privacy has never been more in question. Sylo is a blockchain-powered messaging platform designed to put users back in control of their digital communication. The company wants to give people peace of mind when communicating online. Their blockchain implementation secures all conversation and search data, giving users control over what they share.

Funding type: Private/Venture

John McAfee SwiftMailJohn McAfee Swiftmail

Famed security expert and blockchain evangelist John McAfee launched a decentralized email solution designed to restore security to email communications.



Funding type: Private/Venture-backed


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