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Blockchain In Healthcare Use Case #15: Apotheka

  • 25 August 2019
  • Emilia Picco Emilia Picco

This interview is part of our new Blockchain In Healthcare series, where we interview the world's leading thought leaders on the front lines of the intersections between blockchain and healthcare.

In this interview we speak with Dennis Maliani, CEO of Apotheka, to understand how his company is using blockchain to transform the healthcare business, and what the future of the industry holds.

Dennis Maliani

1. What’s the story behind Apotheka? Why and how did you begin?

DM: The Apotheka idea came into inception close to three years ago after our team saw two main issues that have plagued most health systems for years: bad data and security/ data breaches. 

As a result, we developed a SaaS solution that easily integrates with any Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system and transforms it into a secure blockchain ecosystem.

Our background is in health-tech and we have worked in most hospital systems. We identified main pinpoints within the entire hospital workflows and where the Apotheka solution could address the data integrity and security flaws by utilizing blockchain in combination with artificial intelligence.

2. Please describe your use case and how Apotheka uses blockchain:

DM: Some of our main use cases include:

1. Six-way patient data validation on the blockchain utilizing personal health information like name, date of birth, and social security number, and combining that with biometrics and DNA data points (patent filed and pending).

2. Physician credentialing to ensure they have the right skills set, certification, insurance, and malpractice free to practice safely in a healthcare system.

3. Security – where we hash/encrypt all sensitive PHI information and store data in a private decentralized blockchain ecosystem.

4. Revenue cycle / claims adjudication to help minimize over billing, under billing and surprise medical billing that at times impacts patients.

3. Could you share a specific customer/user that benefits from what you offer? What has your service done for them?

DM: Current potential clients undergoing governance review and approval of our solution:

  • Texas Health Resources (29 hospital locations) – Use cases: Patient data validation, Security/Encryption and Physician credentialing
  • Absolutys (Democratizing Healthcare) – Use cases: Patient data validation, Security/Encryption and Revenue cycle / claims adjudication
  • ENT Physicians Group (Cedars Sinai) – Use cases: Telehealth & Pre-scheduling: Patient data validation and Security/Encryption

4. What other blockchain use cases in healthcare are you excited about?

DM: At the moment, we are excited about the National Cancer Institute’s blockchain initiative that will facilitate secure clinical data sharing. Our hope is to collaborate with them in the near future.

5. Where will Apotheka be in 5 years?

DM: In five years, we would like to capture 6-10 percent of the healthcare market share as one of the most innovative companies in emerging technologies like blockchain.

In addition, we aim to be one of the primary advocates for blockchain technology to make a positive impact to patient care.

Emilia Picco
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