BitPanda Review: 10 Things To Know In 2017

  • 22 August 2017
  • James Njau

You asked for a BitPanda Review and we have delivered!  Any Bitcoin enthusiast within the Euro zone will tell you just how hard it was, in the beginning, to acquire or sell bitcoins and etherum. Every option available back then was either full of unreliable dealers or just downright insecure. The chances of you getting scammed at the time were high. This thirst for a reliable, safe and secure Bitcoin exchange is what triggered Eric Demuth, Christian Trummer and Paul Klanschek (all Bitcoin enthusiasts, and victims of the Bitcoin broker issues) to launch BitPanda back in 2014.

With a team of dedicated crypto currency enthusiasts, this company managed to create an automated platform that turns the process of buying and selling bitcoins and ethereum into a hassle-free endeavor.

BitPanda Review

Buyers, both beginners and advanced, can now enjoy fast and reliable services with zero risks involved. The company has lived to its word, and this is evident by the fact that it won an Alpbach Start-up Award in 2016, beating other top competitors.  

Let’s now check out 5 reasons why BitPanda is a good idea to start with. Enjoy our BitPanda Review!

5 Benefits of BitPanda – BitPanda Review

  1. Sleek and easy to use interface

For beginners looking to get lucky in the cryptocurrency space, starting with BitPanda is not only a good start but also a sure way to avoid any headaches that come with the process. With the number of bitcoin enthusiasts and speculators growing, not to mention the value of this cryptocurrency, the best thing a service provider would do is to make their website user-friendly and as useful as possible. BitPanda knows this very well and it offers an easy time navigating, allowing beginners to dip their toes into Bitcoin with ease.

  1. Works in many countries

With availability in over 30 countries in the world, BitPanda stands out as a Bitcoin broker that consumers from all parts of the world can trust and rely on. Since its launch in 2014, it has not only built a reputation as a reliable Bitcoin broker but is also known for offering affordable prices especially to its EU customers. With a dedicated team of experts, Bitcoin enthusiasts in all European countries can have an easy way out or in and make good money.

  1. A variety of payment options

If you are looking for flexibility in terms of payment when purchasing bitcoins or any other kind of cryptocurrency, having to choose from a variety of payment options makes even the whole process worthwhile. It’s easy to waste valuable time and sometimes, even your hard earned money when getting into the cryptocurrency space and you don’t even know how to go about the payment.  

BitPanda Review
Buy Cryptocoins – BitPanda

At BitPanda, you are not only spoilt for choice but also get to enjoy easy and reliable transaction using these options:

  • OBT
  • Skrill
  • Mastercard and Visa debit and credit cards
  1.  Speed and security

When it comes to speed and security, BitPanda claims is, undoubtedly, one of the best out there. Transaction and verification processes will only cost you about a minute of your time, provided you have good internet. If you are a Bitcoin hoarder like most of us, you won’t have to wait in line to quench your Bitcoin thirst. Furthermore, BitPanda prides itself for making security a top priority. It has a two-step authentication process that is high quality and includes a multi-sig functionality to keep outbound transactions safe and reliable.

  1.  Great customer service

Last but not least for our BitPanda Review, Let’s say you are sure that you want to go with BitPanda but you don’t know what to expect from their customer support. Lucky for you, it has quality customer services that are both reliable and flexible. On the site, you can easily read through the FAQ to get instant solutions plus, if you don’t get the help you need, the 24/7 live chat allows you to still get help even when you are off line. Awesome, right?

You can sign up for BitPanda Here >

Top 10 Questions Asked About BitPanda – BitPanda Review

  1. What is a bitcoin and what can I do with it?

This isn't really a part of the BitPanda Review, but we figured it would help you.  In today’s world of interconnectivity, the idea of a global universal currency that is not controlled by any central government or private organization is quickly gaining traction. A bitcoin is essentially digital currency that is created, distributed and held electronically. This means it’s a virtual currency and cannot be printed like Euros and dollars but can be exchanged digitally all over the world. You can use bitcoins to transact and conduct business online as well as a do some speculation investment.

  1. What is BitPanda?

The three founders that make up the brainchild that is BitPanda initially started with a company called Coinimal GbmH. Their desire of offering solutions for buying and selling bitcoins was what drove them to work with local authorities to make this possible. Later on, the company name was changed to BitPanda, a fully automated platform that allows customers to buy and sell bitcoins faster, better and with the much-needed reliability.

  1. Why choose BitPanda?

Buy securely – Bitpanda

When buying crypto currency, the best way to guarantee the safety of your investment is to consider getting an account with a reputable broker that understands your needs.

Be comfortable – Bitpanda

BitPanda has not only been in the game for a while but also boasts of fast and secure transactions with a variety of payment options for increased flexibility.

  1. How do I buy bitcoins?

With bitcoins, you can make online payments from anywhere in the world as long as you have a bitcoin wallet on your computer or mobile device. With a BitPanda account, you automatically get your bitcoin address with an option of choosing a Bitcoin wallet that suits your needs.  BitPanda recommends a couple of resources that enable you to make the right decision when starting out. After you have opened an account with BitPanda you will easily be able to buy and sell bitcoins using the available payment options.

  1. How do I sell bitcoins?

BitPanda makes the process of selling bitcoins easy. On your account, guided by the instructions provided, all you have to do is click on the “sell “button and voila! However, note that you will be required to provide the bank account information to finalize your order and afterward you will be presented with a crypto coin address. Use this address to send the coins in a time span of about 10 minutes and you will get a SEPA transfer via email. Another available option is to receive your money on Skrill or NETELLER after selling using the same procedure. If you please, you can also get for exchange with your bitcoins.

  1. Does BitPanda accept credit cards?

Whether you are using MasterCard or visa, BitPanda has your back as it accepts both forms of credit card payment. In fact, the company is known to have some of the highest numbers of credit card transaction when compared to other brokers since it’s more affordable and secure. It also accepts Soforttransfer, EPS, Giropay, Skrill, OKPay, online banking and SEPA.

  1. When does the Bitcoin arrive at my address?

Well, after you are done with the payment process, you will receive your Bitcoin as fast as your payment option can allow. For instance, with EPS, OBT or  SOFORT, you will get a notification alerting you to the arrival of your Bitcoin almost immediately within a few seconds. With SEPA payments, on the other hand, it might take up to one business day for your payment to reflect, but as soon as it does you receive your bitcoin in your wallet immediately.

  1. What coins are available on BitPanda?

BitPanda actually plans to add more coins to its catalog. Currently, it only offers Dash, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. The good news is that you can use the BitPanda wallet shape shift button to buy your bitcoins or even exchange Ethereum and Dash for Bitcoins.

  1. How does BitPanda determine the buy price?

BitPanda sets up the buying price based on the market rate to make it more affordable. However, the payment option you go for can determine the buy price since each payment option comes with a different fee for an order you make. For instance, Neteller comes with a slightly higher fee when compared to SEPA and Sofort among other.

  1. How do I verify my account?

With less than ten minutes, you can be able to verify your account on BitPanda and start to enjoy higher limits of buying and selling bitcoins. All you need is to start a video chat on your webcam and with the help of companies such as IDNow and  Cybits your passport/ID  identity can be verified easily. 


You can sign up for BitPanda Here >

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