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Biohacking: 10 Products to Hack Your Mind

  • 2 October 2017
  • James Njau

The best secret to biohacking is starting new habits and sticking to them, right? Well, not necessarily! As much as we do agree that adding adaptogens to your morning smoothie will do wonders to hack your mind, we know of better and more effective ways that can make biohacking a reality. We are talking about specific products designed to help you achieve mindfulness!

Here’s a breakdown of some of the top products to hack your mind and how they will help you achieve your dream.

1. HeartMath emWave 2


One of the most popular gadgets that have designed to change and advance your mind, as well as your body, is the HeartMath emWave 2. This revolutionary technology can help improve your heart rhythm and establish harmony psychologically as well as physiologically.  It achieves this by easily connecting to your PC to give you detailed information of your biological data. This way you can easily pinpoint the problem and know just how to improve and change whenever necessary. The emWave also comes with a sensor that allows you to easily measure your mental health and get a better chance of altering your emotions, reduce stress and improve your general health.

HeartMath emWave 2, $199.00, available at Amazon

2. Muse: The Brain-Sensing Headband


To be honest, achieving mindfulness is never easy but would it not be better if you had an assistant to guide you back to your meditation every time your mind wanders? If you have been searching for a personal assistant to help you meditate, then the Muse Headband is your match. For the first time, it is now possible to collect accurate real-time feedback on how your brain reacts to meditation. This device can help you stay motivated thanks to its calming technology that plays soothing weather sounds to keep your mind calm. With each session, you can build an effective routine that will help you relax and reduce stress with exact certainty.

Muse: The Brain-Sensing Headband, $249.99, available at Amazon

3. Spire Mindfulness and Activity Tracker


The state of your mind can affect many parts of your body, and that is why many biohacking devices always target the brain to help you achieve a full body control. This device increases the flow of endorphins into your blood and comes with the capacity to measure and track your breathing patterns, therefore quickly revealing to you your true state of mind. The Spire Mindfulness and Activity Tracker is compatible with both Android and iOS Smartphones, meaning that you can take full control of your brain while on the go. You can also pair it with a number of wearable devices to get better records of breathing activities for a holistic health experience.

Spire Mindfulness and Activity Tracker, $129.99, available at Amazon

4. MindPlace Proteus 


For those that are used to performing cognitively demanding tasks, the feeling of mental fatigue can get in the way of productivity. Thankfully, the upgraded Proteus Light and Sound Stimulation system can help your mind relax. With its classic sound stimulation system and 2 LED light color channels that mix simultaneously, this device alters your stream of thought. With the help of its biofeedback control, you can keep track of when your mind is stressed and when it is calm to help you improve and achieve mindfulness. It’s that simple!

5. Mindplace Kasina Mind Media System 


Frankly being in the right mood is never easy, especially when you are under pressure or stress. The good news is that you don’t have to struggle through it at all. The Mindplace Kasina Mind Media System is an easy plug and play device that can contribute to improve your mind or just give you information to learn how to shift your mood. It features a stunning audio-visual experience, not to mention a meditation aid that can help you achieve tranquility much faster than before. This mind media device is a plug and play system that can also be used for therapy to help you focus and break undesirable state of mind.

Mindplace Kasina Mind Media System, $349.00, available at Amazon

6. DAVID Delight Pro 


Achieving relaxed attention can be hard and easy in equal measure. Yes, you could try out some coffee, but that might not offer you the desired solution, especially if your body doesn’t do so well with caffeine. The David Delight Pro could be what you have been looking for to improve your mood and mental alertness.  It comes equipped with Alpha sessions that are ideal for those with an above average IQ plus an energizing session that wakes you up without the need of caffeine. In fact, a good number of people with ADD are already using it to establish a relaxed and attentive mind. Built with by a manufacturer with over thirty years experience in the industry, David Delight Pro does not only boast of being a tried and tested brand but also stands as one of the best options for quick results.

DAVID Delight Pro, $495.00, available at Amazon

7. Luminette 2 


Sometimes the best way to improve your mood and mental alertness in the morning is to have some light therapy, but who wants to sit for long sessions in front of an awkward light therapy lamp? Cue the portable light therapy glasses that are not only brilliant but also lightweight enough for anyone who has a busy morning routine. Its illumination system provides ideal light exposure that is perfect for anyone looking to improve their mood or just naturally regulate their sleeping pattern. You no longer have to sit for long sessions just to get some light therapy going. What’s more is that it works by emitting Blue-enriched white light that enters your eye to activate a positive response of your body to light. This way you easily manage to hack your brain, therefore, producing dopamine instead of the sleep hormone. Now that’s a great way to stay active and energetic throughout the day.

Luminette 2, $149.00, available at Amazon



After a day of nothing but hard work the first thing your mind craves is a massage that targets the worn out muscles. How about trying out the ARINO muscle simulator that takes advantage of traditional Chinese medicine to give your mind and body a penetrative therapeutic massage? Yes, that's right this gadget uses electro muscle stimulation and is ideal for fighting chronic pain and improving blood circulation as well. And if you are worried about its safety measure you need not worry as it is FDA approved and compliant with CE and RoHS regulations. How does it work? Well, it's massage therapy technology is designed to target specific muscle groups thanks to sixteen inbuilt therapy modes. It's scientifically proven to improve your brain's production of endorphins (a stress-reducing hormone) therefore improving your energy as well as your mood.

ARINO TENS Unit, $28.99, available at Amazon

9. Bellabeat Leaf Urban Health Tracker


For ladies who want to bio-hack their reproductive health, their sleep as well as their mental health, the Leaf is a perfect match. It is a smart wear that tracks your health and transmits those insights to an app on your phone to remind you to breathe whenever you are stressed or to tell you to be active to keep fit. You can quickly put it on as a necklace or a bracelet, and it will still complement your fashion. It works through a goal orientation program that can sense stress levels and recommend some breathing exercises to help your mind relax.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban Health Tracker, $139.00, available at Amazon

10. tDCS Device


Safety is always a number one priority when choosing a brain hacking tool, and The BrainDriver(manufacturers of tDCS) understands this quite well. The tDCS is easy to use the device that claims to power up your brain in just 20 minutes. It is easy to use thanks to its color-coded set of electrode wires that are also comfortable on your head. With up to four levels to select from and an LED screen to make it safe for use at night, this device proves to be perfect for anyone who wants to bio-hack their minds for more productivity. Added to the fact that it is portable is that it comes with an automatic shut down feature when not in use theretofore providing you more safety.

tDCS Device, $139.97, available at Amazon 

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