Top 10 Big Data Companies Disrupting the Travel Industry

  • 29 May 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Big data and analytics have entirely reshaped how many companies optimize for business, and the travel industry is no different. Massive datasets help determine pricing and fluctuations on things like hotel and flight rates and more to help people save money, make money, and see the world in ways they’ve never imagined. The more our tech grows, the closer the world gets at every turn.


These ten big data companies are on our radar for the travel industry.  



Duetto utilizes big data and cloud-based analytics to offer advice about hotel pricing. Duetto primarily serves large hotel chains to give them insight into market changes. Duetto envisions moving beyond revenue prediction and creating a truly collaborative environment for hotels as a single point of reference.





Hopper uses artificial intelligence and big data collection to offer highly accurate insights into the flight booking space. Hopper advises users whether to wait or buy tickets and helps users book quickly to lock in the best rates possible for their trip. Hopper sends users notifications if a buy signal has come for a trip they are watching so they can buy their tickets quickly.


Hopper boasts 95% accuracy with their pricing scheme and has analyzed more than one trillion data points.





Beyond Pricing

Beyond Pricing is an automated Airbnb pricing tool for renters. To use the tool, Airbnb hosts connect their account, check in daily, and their price is updated automatically. Beyond Pricing boosts host income by as much as 40% through the use of targeted data and analytics. Beyond Pricing also allows users to adjust prices for individual days to account for more profitable days or unique local events.


Beyond Pricing is available in many cities, but not every city. Users can request availability in their city or sign up to be notified when they become available in their city.






PlaceILive collects data about various neighborhoods and scores them based on factors like housing cost and availability, public transit availability, safety, and others. PlaceILive assigns neighborhoods a Life Quality score based on their ratings in each category of the matrix used for scoring.


PlaceILive was designed for buyers, sellers, and renters to establish a life or business in a neighborhood that suits their style of life.







Offerial improves the direct booking rate of hotels through the use of personalized communication. Offerial focuses on data collection and analytics to drive their personalized communications to prospective customers. Not only does Offerial employ data collection and analytics, they also use machine learning to place their clients at the top of the list for booking.


Offerial boasts an average 120% increase in direct booking rates through the use of their personalized communication platform.







Unboundly is a big data collection and analytics platform that enables people to travel where they want for much cheaper than traveling in a pre-packaged bundle. The founders of Unboundly spent 300 days traveling to more than 100 countries and spent less than $10,000.


Unboundly users save an average of 40% on their international trips. Unboundly can make destination recommendations and stay length recommendations to minimize travel costs.







Voyadi aggregates travel information from locals within their network to inform members about various areas and offer insight into the happenings of a given region. Voyadi is using big data analytics to help dedicated travelers get the most out of their traveling experience. Voyadi believes in offering their members one-of-a-kind experiences to enrich their lives.







TripOrg is a travel companion application that offers information about the various events that are occurring in cities around the world, as written about by local citizens. Members can become ambassadors for their city, passing on information about attractions and events that are located or held in their city.


Attractions and events include museums, festivals, parties, sporting events, and much more. TripOrg was founded in 2011 and has been enriching the ability of non-natives to see parts of the world as though they were being led around by a native occupant.






FLYR uses big data and predictive analytics to predict travel fare volatility, enabling them to offer travelers price protection, booking optimization, and financing for travelers. FLYR was founded to combat the irritation of volatility in travel and airfare rates. By utilizing their predictive analytics platform, they can determine how the market will react and the price will change as a result.


FLYR has partnered with Priceline, TripAdvisor, and other well-known entities in the travel industry.






Toured uses affiliate marketing and partnerships to bring unique adventures to travelers all over the world. Locals can sign up to take travelers on a tour and perform activities with them in exchange for the assistance with marketing and added visibility,


Toured takes a flat commission rate for their services, but only after an initial period has passed. There aren’t any upfront fees for tour guides to pay.




Do you know of any other big data companies in the travel industry that belong on this list? Let us know in the comments below!


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