Top 10 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in 2017

  • 12 July 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

We've compiled a list of the Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges for you! Cryptocurrency trading can be a lucrative career and has already made many a person very, very rich. Whether you’re a seasoned professional trader or a total cryptocurrency novice who only wants to buy your first crypto coin, this list has something to suit your needs. Just the same if you want to back the ideals behind decentralized cryptocurrencies and help out the community.

Whether you want complex analytical charts and margin trading, anonymity, or a simple interface that lets you use your credit card, one of these cryptocurrency exchanges has exactly the functionality you desires.


These are the top 10 best cryptocurrency exchanges in 2017:

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges


Coinbase is an online exchange for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. They have their own associated wallet with Android and iOS apps for it. They are a well-tested exchange with more than 8.3M customers in 32 countries and $6.0B in digital currency exchanged.

Coinbase has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and TIME Magazine for their accomplishments. They also let users make recurring buys to invest in crypto over time.  This is by far one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges we've found.

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Voted #1 “Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges” by our readers!

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges


CEX.IO offers high liquidity, legal compliance, security, cross-platform trading, and margin trading. They also provide advanced charts and competitive commissions, great complements to the 99.999% guaranteed uptime. Just recently, they also announced that they will now offer ETH/USD margin trading.


Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges


CoinMama lets you buy bitcoins with cash or a credit card, although they do require account verification. They currently deal in BTC, EUR, and USD. This exchange can serve as a good place to buy your first bitcoins because it is so simple to navigate and it doesn’t require any initial cryptocurrency and can use your normal, fiat accounts in a familiar, intuitive method of buying. CoinMama guides you through every step of buying your first Bitcoin in an easy to understand way.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges


LocalBitcoins has an interesting exchange method that is very unlike other exchanges. This is a P2P exchange that lets users find quick trades among local people–kind of like a Craigslist of Bitcoin. It supports markets all around the world. LocalBitcoins takes a 1% fee of each trade in exchange for providing the platform, a resolution system, and also a rating system to help determine the reliability of the person with whom you’re trading.

Anyone can post a quick buy or quick sell ad on LocalBitcoins. And just in case you think the process sounds a little strange or worrisome, here’s a post on why trading on LocalBitcoins is safe, in one sense of the word. As that post points out, this is especially useful if you live in a part of the world where this is the only way to successfully buy Bitcoin, just watch out for scams.  This is one of the Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges for peer to peer trading.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges


Bittrex is a US-based and regulated exchange that offers trading of many established cryptocurrencies and tokens as well as emerging coins. In fact, they support more than 190 cryptocurrencies to date. They also perform compliance-audits on new cryptocurrencies, so traders can rest assured they are trading safely and legally.

They offer speedy transactions and high stability, so many seasoned crypto-investors frequent this exchange.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges


Kraken is the Bitcoin exchange of choice for many professional traders. They provide all the tools and reliability needed to make expert decisions surrounding crypto trading. They offer a high-security environment with reliable cold storage, legal compliance, and advanced order types such as stop-loss orders.

Among the other factors that make Kraken such a go-to choice as a crypto-exchange include their liquidity with low fees, fast funding, and Bitcoin dark pool. They allow Bitcoin margin trading (up to 5x leverage) and short and also undergo proof-of-reserves audits. They have received a lot of high-profile media attention for their standing in the crypto-exchange world.


Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges


ShapeShift allows for practically instant exchanges of one cryptocurrency to another. They support dozens of common altcoins like ethereum, dogecoin, and litecoin. With no account, you can exchange assets for any other in their high liquidity environment with competitive exchange rates. ShapeShift is the technology behind the instant exchange option seen in the highly-popular Exodus wallet.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges


BitFinex prides themselves on being the “largest and most advanced Bitcoin trading platform.” They offer fast exchanges between Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Monero, Litecoin, Dash, Iota, and Ripple.

They allow up to 3.3x leverage trading, margin funding, and offer advanced algorithmic order types. This is a high-security exchange with advanced (yet easy to comprehend) analytics charts for those who prefer a graphical trading experience. BitFinex also offers apps for both Android and iOS.


Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges

BitSquare / Bisq (beta)

BitSquare is an easy, open-source, decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that uses end-to-end encryption over Tor. This is not your mama’s exchange. It upholds many of the core principles of crypto enthusiasts in that it is peer-to-peer, private, and decentralized. It is also instantly accessible by anyone with no registration required. You can exchange bitcoin for national currencies as well as altcoins.


Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges


Although WeSellCrypto is currently down for the count due to banking issues (a few days ago at the time of this writing), it has been a widely loved and supported crypto-exchange that also supports quick PayPal transactions for coins. If these issues get sorted soon–and these sorts of issues are just one of many reasons why we need cryptocurrency in the first place–then we can expect more good things from this exchange. The staff is hard at work getting things resolved to reinstate functionality.

You've finally purchased your first coins? Time to keep them safe!  Check out our article on the Best Cryptocurrency Wallets.

You tell us! What are the best cryptocurrency exchanges? Why? Let us know in the comments below!


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