Avalon 6 Review: Top 5 Benefits to Know in 2017

  • 30 August 2017
  • James Njau

Canaan Creative is, hands down, one of the most innovative industry leaders in the cryptocurrency space owing to its successful line of Avalon miners. Since its inception in 2013, it took off by being one of the first companies to develop a Bitcoin mining processors that take advantage of ASIC semiconductors.


Founded by N.G Zhang who is also the current CEO, this giant mining hardware manufacturer based in Beijing, China is leading the front of Bitcoin mining with a team of 100 engineers who make everything possible thanks to their collective experience in the cryptocurrency industry.

Avalon 6 might not be as great as the Avalon 7, but it’s definitely hardware to try especially if you are on a tight budget. But you might ask – what does it have in store for you? Will it be profitable? We know that these are some of the questions you might be asking yourself, and we will give you all the answers, so relax and read through our review and you will understand just why this mining hardware is still making waves in the Bitcoin mining industry.

Top 5 benefits of the Avalon 6

Let’s start with the benefits so that you can clearly see why the Avalon 6 has been a favorite for many.

1. Affordable price

Let's be honest; getting a miner at a pocket-friendly price is what most home miners look forward to. The Avalon 6 miner retails at just $550 plus a 10% discount is offered for bulk purchases of about 50 units. If that isn't good enough, you can get an even cheaper deal for used Avalon 6 miners on Amazon and other retail sites.

2. Less noise

Most mining hardware, no matter the manufacturer, is not designed for the living room or the bedroom for the sole reason that they produce a lot of noise while hashing. The Avalon 6 is no exception, but unlike most miners, it is quiet enough for home miners who want to set up a small firm in their garage. At noise levels of 55dB, the Avalon 6 produces the less noise, giving you some peace of mind.

3. Profitable

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We know you have been waiting for this one so here goes. The Avalon 6 miner is still profitable today even with Bitmain releasing its 14 TH/s Antminer S9. This is possible since the rising price of Bitcoin in conjunction with the halving that is to be expected can make anyone mining with the Avalon6 reasonable profits. Obviously, low electricity costs matter a lot and you will even make a better profit if you get a good pool to mine from.

4. Easy setup

With the Avalon 6, advanced and basic setup processes are easy to follow. Since it uses a DHCP automatic IP address finder, all the work you have to do during setup is to connect the Raspberry controller and use the Avalon’s control panel to kick things off.

5. Adjustable temperature

Yes, that's right! With the Avalon 6, you don't have to put up with extremely high temperatures that most miners produce while mining cryptocurrency. This machine is designed to operate below 350C. Its frequency can be adjusted to keep it cool especially when underclocked. In fact, you don't even need to add an extra fan to cool the system since it’s designed to stay cool with just one fan. Amazing right?

Top 10 questions about Avalon 6

So now we have seen that the Avalon 6 can be a great investment for home miners with the intention of setting up a small Bitcoin mining farm in their garage. We have also seen that it’s much quieter than the average miner. But even with that being said, you might still have some questions on how it works and matters to do with installation. Here are answers to some questions we gathered during our research:

1. How do I connect my power supply to the Avalon 6?

The good news is that the Avalon 6 is compatible with any reliable power supply unit with an upwards of 1100W, so finding the right match won't be an issue.

But when it comes to connecting your power supply, this simple step by step instruction can get you results fast:

– First turn your PSU off

– Now connect  the A6 to all the four power connector  and in the right configuration

– Make sure all the connections are stable and then power the  PSU

In case of any problem, Canaan support centre is always available.

2. How can I upgrade my firmware?

Caanan Creative makes sure that the process of getting started with the Avalon6 is simple and straight forward. The same applies for their firmware upgrade. All you have to do is to download the firmware file from Canaan.io and then follow this step by step process.

– Click the ‘MM Upgrade' button on the control panel

– Now identify your firmware file and select it

– Upload the file and start the upgrading process

3. What do I do when I upgrade the firmware to the wrong version?

Frankly, it can be a little frustrating when your miner stops working because of a faulty firmware upgrade. If this ever happens to you, don’t panic; Canaan Creative has your back with an easy to follow process to help you out. Here’s what we are talking about:

– Start by visiting Cannan.io/support and follow the guide

– Remember that before you upgrade, your Avalon 6 should be turned off

– In case of further problems make sure you contact Cannan’s support.

4. How do I control the Avalon 6’s temperature?

Now that you already know it’s possible to control the temperature of the Avalon 6, it’s only wise to understand how this is possible. One of the main ways to do it is to underclock the miner so that you reduce its 500MHz frequency to a lower one. This way it will hash at a lower temperature and produce less noise as well as less heat.

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Source: parallelminer.com

5. Can I use my own PC to run this miner?

Yes, you can definitely run Cgminer on your PC. However, there is a catch! Canaan Creative strongly recommends against this idea, and for a good reason. Mining with separate software installed on your Windows, Linux or Macintosh system is very complicated and mostly reserved for programmers who know what they are doing. Besides, to make the most profit while mining you will have to join profitable pools that are not readily available on desktop applications. But if you still want to go with this option, Canaan provides an Avalon 6 guide that can help you get started.

6. How can I upgrade the controller?

This one is also pretty easy since getting the latest Avalon 6 Raspberry controller software is as simple as pressing a button to download and install. The best part is that the management program installed on the Raspberry Pi controller, which is the latest update, allows you to control multiple miners and debug your system whenever necessary in a process that is easy to follow.

7. How many Bitcoins coins can I mine with the Avalon 6?

This is a tricky question that every Bitcoin miner wants an answer to.  The answer, however, depends on a variety of factors. You have to pay attention to Bitcoin's exchange rate and even though it's always fluctuating, the halving and rising of its price translate to good profits for miners. In the case of the Avalon 6, with low or affordable electricity costs, you can make about 0.134 BTC with the right mining pool.

8. Where can I buy spare parts for the Avalon 6?

Since Canaan Creative is the manufacturer of the Avalon 6 miner, it’s also the one place where servicing of your Avalon miner can be done. You can create an account and submit a ticket request to get service or you can also check out their online store to get what you need.

9. Can I set the miner pool user to my wallet?

Of course, you can! Just change the pool settings from the default “canaan.3333” to your own wallet. Here’s a simple process to follow:

– First, start by creating a CKpool account from http://kano.is/

– Now go back to the Cgminer and use the web browser to load and configure your panel

– Finally, head on to the “Replace_For_Your_Username.worker” to key in your personal Bitcoin wallet address.  

The other option is to change the default Bitcoin wallet address to your own wallet directly on the control panel.

10. Is it possible to use one controller with a variety of Canaan’s Avalon miners

It can definitely get a little tempting to do this and although a Raspberry controller can handle up to 20 miners, your set up needs to be organized depending on the Avalon Miner series. For instance, if you have ten Avalon 6 miners they can be connected to one controller but not mixed up with an A741 miner.


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