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Cas Proffitt

—Editor-in-Chief at Disruptor Daily—

Cas is a B2B Content Marketer and Brand Consultant who specializes in disruptive technology. She covers topics like artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, blockchain, and big data, to name a few.

Cas is also co-owner of an esports organization and spends much of her time teaching gamers how to make a living doing what they love while bringing positivity to the gaming community.
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Artificial Intelligence Has Developed Individual Curiosity

Artificial intelligence has a history of growing at a much faster rate than human intelligence due to its average two-year evolution cycle and speed...
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3D Printed Material Mimics Conch Shell Structure

Researchers at MIT may have solved a long-standing issue with traditional carbon-fiber 3D printing methods, impact resistance. Their latest breakthrough models the structure of...

4D Printed Space Materials Advance Possibilities for Occupying Outer Space

Producing tools and structures in space has been a challenge for decades. We have now found ways of bringing 3D printing to space, integrating...

Virginia Tech and Lowe’s Enter Partnership For Exosuit Pilot Program

Image courtesy of Virginia TechExosuits have been floating around in our imagination for decades. Powered exosuits represent superhuman strength while unpowered exosuits assist with...

Top 10 Best Cryptocurrency Software Wallets 2017

Whether you’re looking for hot or cold storage--a wallet connected to the internet or not--there are a wide variety of cryptocurrency software wallets on...
Lightning Network Enables Trading Between Blockchains

Lightning Network Enables Trading Between Blockchains

Blockchain is highly popular due to its impact on the finance, payments, and document processing sectors among many others. One of the most notable...
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Gong.io Uses AI and Infographics to Help Your Sales Conversations Get Results

This is a guest post by Gong.ioArtificial Intelligence is evolving and reaching new frontiers every day. Such disruptive technology has shown the capability of...
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Ultra-light 3D Printed Satellite Fits In The Palm of Your Hand

Satellites are often thought of as being behemoths made of steel and solar panels, but an 18 year old Indian student named Rifath Shaarook...

Clinical Trials Need Disruption by Blockchain

Blockchain has broken onto the healthcare scene in force in the last few years. Applied to clinical trials, blockchain technology provides a reliable way...
Georgia Tech Tarzan Robot Could Disrupt the Agriculture Industry

Georgia Tech Tarzan Robot Could Disrupt the Agriculture Industry

One of the most significant barriers in modern agriculture is the amount of time and personnel required to monitor the wellbeing of all plants...