Artificial Intelligence Turns Amateur Selfies Into Professional Photography

  • 7 April 2017
  • Cas Proffitt

Smartphones have changed the scope of photography, an activity that was once reserved for special events. Now, we see pictures floating around the internet of practically everything from our friends’ neatly arranged blueberry muffins and macchiatos to their dog’s newest sweater. All of these photos, of course, are rushing toward us within a never-ending cascade of (mostly unflattering) selfies.


Now, there are a ton of reasons to take a selfie. Maybe you want to become the next Instagram star, or maybe you just need a new LinkedIn photo. Either way, now you don’t have to fall into


Yesterday, Adobe released this video about their new AI-driven selfie enhancement app:


Normal selfie-takers are transformed into the likes of Annie Liebovitz and Brassaï with just a few simple swipes over their touchscreen.


But this isn’t your average mobile photo editor. Instead, it’s based on Adobe Sensei which uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data for a variety of applications from facial recognition to market changes to resonant messages.


This AI-enabled photo app harnesses Adobe Sensei to change field of depth, angles, distance, photography styles, and more to turn even the most basic selfie into something that looks like it came from professional photography studio. The “Styles” option is especially intriguing thanks to its ability to mimic the effects, colors, and curves of any photo you can find with just a couple clicks.


The editing options available are significantly more complex than the filters and similar functions in other common apps like Snapchat and Instagram.


However, according to PC Mag, Microsoft has their own selfie app that uses machine vision to help users create more flattering photos based on personal factors such as age and gender.


Commenters on YouTube are already displaying a ton of interest in this technology.

Although Adobe has not yet offered a release date for the selfie app, we can expect LinkedIn and Twitter to get a lot more attractive very soon.


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